1. You can decide to eat there based on the menu price, not getting sticker shock after the fact.

  2. Ok makes sense. I don’t understand how that is even legal. If there was no knowledge of the fee ahead of time, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to pay it. Let em call the cops if they really want to draw more attention to this fraud.

  3. How have you gotten so far in life without learning of the magic that is Fine Print.

  4. Metallica has washed out and hasn’t been a metal band since 1989.

  5. What most people consider "metal" is probably pretty different from what most metalheads consider metal.

  6. Seems dumb to me. Do you have to pay a fee to sit in a bar after you purchase a drink?

  7. The margins and volume on alcohol are much higher than cigars. Cigar Lounges are a tough business. I am thankful for any lounges that are around and try to spend a decent amount there if I’m going to sit down whether it’s required or not.

  8. The fire alarm is just trying to fit in

  9. The lyrics for Mechanix are so cringe. What was Dave thinking? Absolutely terrible.

  10. I believe he was like 16 years old when he wrote those lyrics. But doesn’t explain why he kept them in KIMB. I can’t imagine Metallica using those lyrics in KEA even if Dave wasn’t kicked out (yet). It just doesn’t fit with the rest of the album.

  11. I think Virginians hate Marylanders. I don’t think they care about West Virginians. .

  12. They’re also on amazon and some products are on prime

  13. Kava is habit forming in the same way that coffee or tea is habit forming---most people enjoy it, but can still function without it.

  14. If I had a worthy comment I’d slide it in and watch it go right to the top

  15. That was certainly the most historic event in heavy metal, but the 89 tour was still better.

  16. Absolutely. I saw this concert in Uniondale. I can’t even explain it, but never have I experienced anything like before that or since.

  17. Wait what are the side effects? I took some micronized with coffee yesterday and felt off all afternoon and evening.

  18. The first song on the AJFA album: Blackened. I was hooked immediately and had soon acquired the previous albums within weeks. And then starting buying every metal magazine. Soon heard about a guy they kicked out and who started his own band. Bought SFSGSW. And then the same thing happened again. Had spent something like $50 worth of tapes in a matter of weeks which was a heck of a lot of money for me at 16 in 1988. Been a fan of both bands ever since.

  19. Maybe best guitarist in terms of versatility. I think in isolation James is a better rhythm guitarist and Kirk is a better lead guitarist, but I'll give Dave credit for being able to do it all and for how impactful his creativity was in defining Metallica's early sound.

  20. I agree with your assessment. Dave Mustaine's versatility as a guitarist is certainly a major reason why he is considered one of the best in the genre. His ability to excel as both a rhythm and lead guitarist, combined with his creativity and influence on Metallica's early sound, are impressive.

  21. Yes, but Dave is also an asshole and was a mean drunk - the guys couldn't hang with him - and having a third alpha in the band with James and Lars likely would've ended with them breaking up 35 years ago or Dave leaving early on anyway.

  22. Thank you for the detailed information on Dave Mustaine's contributions to Metallica. It's important to note that while he had great musical talent and influence, his personality and behavior also played a role in his departure from the band.

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