1. I absolutely love Monty Python!!! I don't want to be serious tho. I hope I'm not stuck with this personality trait my entire life. I never felt comfortable around my dad because he is so serious and it hurts me to think I inherited that trait.

  2. Talk about things you are scared to do with other people. The more nervous you are the more you will feel outside the box. For example I'm scared of rollercoasters but talk about it like you would love to go on one and get the feeling for yourself.

  3. Where are you trying to go? Can you clarify a bit your post is a little confusing. If you can tell us your destination that may help.

  4. Sorry I forgot to edit! The clinical study was able to give me $100 for him . although I haven't got the rest in M good for now thank you!

  5. You could fly a sign, post to the vagabond/vandweller/hobo subreddit for advice

  6. I did just tell him that, he's pretty upset and tells me to wait in the car.

  7. I was stale as fuck and I took her bowling on a rainy miserable day

  8. I came across as not invested. There was a lot on my mind at the time so I seemed like I was not interested in her.

  9. This is fake. Nobody ever messed with you. Ever. Liar!

  10. Hmmm idk , the jacket I clicked said only 3 hr working on high. I don't see it as very useful for that kind of money. Also it's not just here that sells this type you can find this type of gear on Amazon probably for cheaprr. Idk what open box means but that's what it all says. I also couldn't find what temperature it's heats you to.

  11. Sorry there's no easy answer I don't know resources in Canada. Use your disability pay to buy decent stuff to be homeless with and save money from there. Don't do drugs

  12. Thanks it's nice to have a change of thought I'll try to remember this.

  13. I feel so embarrassed asking. I used to live in my car. But I lost my car. Now I sleep kind of close to a Little Caesars and a Dominos. I’ve gone to the Little Caesars close to closing but there were customers in there and then when I tried the next day the doors were already locked. The dumpsters they use are locked. Because I checked that.

  14. It may be embarrassing but don't worry about asking. Just ask , if there are customers just wait till they leave or speak very low you know I'm homeless and I was wondering if you need help taking the "trash" or"pizza"

  15. I’m sure I’ll figure something out soon just too early

  16. Why did you leave NYC? I would recommend going back. If anything call 211 I think and they can point you to the nearest food bank if they have good hours

  17. Lool congrats. I used to go to the church food kitchen near 28th Street and 9th Ave I can't remember and 33rd st 3rd av. How old are you?

  18. It's hard, you have to have some advantage somewhere. Other than that I see it as extremely poor. I used to know a marine than was exposed to agent orange and he was disabled and could barely walk. Although he had an electric chair. Without it he would be screwed. You basically have to ask other people to help you .

  19. Work out, take fighting classes Don't walk alone. Take a longer route. Get a bike. Even electric one for faster. Police gps siren thing.

  20. When I used panhandle I would get tons of food. I am vegan and was when I was homeless (arrest me for making food choices when I was homeless!! Smh) so I always gave the meat/animal products to friends. And yes I know its risky to eat food people give you.

  21. Omg so risky, sometimes I'm walking in the middle of nowhere and someone will drop off a water I get hella suspicious lol

  22. If I lived in the US and a man I would be more suspicious. But I live in Montréal, Canada (very friendly/safe for homeless) and a woman. Not saying it doesn't happen but is less likely here.

  23. Awesome lol I wanna go there so bad probably just to explore

  24. And I’m the opposite of you. I’d hire someone who is homeless in a heartbeat if they had something I was in need of. I’d much rather help someone who I could have a direct impact on, rather than hiring someone who is getting by just fine and wants to consume more crap.

  25. Yes but it's not about you, it's what's common. Maybe you don't have an idea. I'm replying to the person about a situation.

  26. Sound like that's what you want to read because it's easy for you. It's what's common and most people won't pick us up. Housed people have decent rest, place to store their food , and daily essentials. Being homeless gives enough detail for many people.

  27. Yo! "The $50 and Up Underground House Book" is literally the book for you! I'm sure you can find PDFs online. Now I want to see if I can find a copy...

  28. Thank so much! I'll check it out dang the title is accurate

  29. What I don’t understand is why bother responding? I’m not asking for anything but information, and I certainly didn’t post an emotional support plea for people to tell me that something is “off.”

  30. You're not asking for emotional support, you're asking how to find cameras or a Livestream feed. Go to a computer subreddit or something. The most people will tell you here is you are paranoid or stop smoking meth. Wether it's true or not people are not going to understand on "emotional support"

  31. I was wondering what would be the best process and what materials that are very affordable would I be able to make a tiny room in here to hide, and for the winter that Is coming. And enough space to store food.

  32. Why do starving homeless people choose to have pets? Why do they smoke?

  33. Why are you dumb , why do you try imply something when you're asking a question. Obviously he wasn't always starving

  34. Hey honestly thanks for asking this. I'm glad you even had a thought to know and that means alot.

  35. If you really want to help them spend your money and effort on the programs that already exist for that purpose.

  36. I don't agree with this, sometimes I have been extremely down to the point where I ask for food, but someday it will be money. Ive never panhandles for money. But it's not far from me. If you give someone cash on the street try to talk to them about their ideas and goals. If you have time that is.

  37. 20 years old and Gender questioning (non binary, genderfluid, others)

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