1. He was on a version of Aiden's list that apparently wasn't the correct list which included Sparg0, Tweek, Shuton, Maister, Miya, ferps and JDizzle.

  2. I wonder what could change from that list to the final one? Likely to do with the japanese players, since confirming them is a lot of work

  3. I dont believe for a second Alan was the sole source of corruption in that company

  4. What specific examples of "corruption", and from who, can be shown? If we're going to take the stance of letting a whole org. die, we need concrete reasons, not just "Oh Alan was bad so probably everyone up top was bad, right?"

  5. Panda has done nothing in good faith over the last week to gain any of our support back

  6. Whats worth investing into, a 100 % iv regular machamp or a 2 star shadow machamp?

  7. The Shadow Machamp is better. A 0% shadow will out-dps a 100% regular pokemon of the same species in raids.

  8. He was memeing about the money lost. He mentioned it in one of his Mail episodes. I forgot which.

  9. Wait so he didn’t lose any money or just not as much as he made out as?

  10. At this point my gran probably heard him say it too and she’s deaf

  11. There’s no way he supports Alan, what has he said?

  12. So for ultimate that’s JDizzle, Ferps and 6 hand picked players?

  13. Aiden implied that they’re trying to get Yoshidora in a reply but it all depends if he can walk back his PTO

  14. Saw a lot of confusion from people on whether the players will be picked from SWT at all from both spectators/players alike but it seems like itll have 0 weight on who gets in

  15. Its technically not closer since they have to bring it all around the mountain though right?

  16. Panda itself is on the way out, they’ve not got a space in the community anymore and there’s honestly nothing they can do about it

  17. I will say, if this is Panda doing the right thing and the corruption is truly gone - They NEED to rebrand since its basically an entirely different organization at that point (CEO gone, players gone, key brand/content producers gone)

  18. Only way to truly recover from this would be using their connections with Nintendo to get VGBC licensed

  19. He mustve learned something since he ended up winning this game lol

  20. and tweek still won after that, insane

  21. Also its like 4 am here in the UK so i likely wont be uploading clips for melee since im knackered, sorry guys

  22. Bro lost to Leo in this exact situation last year (Mainstage GF, Game 10) after choking last stock.

  23. Tweeks mental honestly seems leaps and bounds better than it ever has been - set 2 of grands would have been a wash if it was Tweek in any other era but he almost reverse 3-0d and still brought it to game 10

  24. Tweek and Sparg0 are genuinely evenly matched, at their best theyre both the second best player in the world and theres like .1% skill gap between them

  25. Also glad to see Tweek coming back to Top 5 level - I think hes going to get back there sooner than later

  26. His mentality is stupid good now though. Ppl say this all the time but old Tweek would’ve crashed and burned after losing set 1 game 5 like that. I can def see him in top 5 contention again

  27. Yup, its insane to see the strides hes made in mentality - usually when he loses a tournament this closely he'd go on a bit of a slump until he makes another really good run a couple months later

  28. Yeah, can I request a Sparg0 clip? He felt really dominant, even after this happened.

  29. I try not to post more than one clip from a set to not clutter the subreddit but if Sparg0 clips Big D i got you

  30. Its good lol just thought the opening and closing predictions being the opposite of each other were funny

  31. Tweek vs Sparg0 right off the bat. They’re 4-4 right now, with Tweek winning the last two sets (3-0 and then more recently 3-2 at Summit 5).

  32. Tweek lost to sparg0 at collision in the reset or grand finals. And sparg0 was super close to beating tweek from a few interactions at summit 5. It’s very much a coin Flip.

  33. Sparg0/Tweeks rivalry is pretty underrated, their set count is 50/50 and their game count is also almost 50/50 (i think Tweek has one more game taken over Sparg0?)

  34. For as good as Light is, he needs a secondary

  35. It's anybody's guess. It depends on how the community reacts as a whole.

  36. Its not anybodys guess, weve already seen how the communities reacted and thats with 80% of pandas content creators leaving and 80% of top players boycotting their tournaments

  37. I mean, just because it’s Steve people always bitch about it, where were the people complaining about Miya, or Yoshidora, or Sparg0

  38. The difference in that is that all 3 of those players you mentioned were playing the game and their characters since the very beginning - Sparg0, miya and yoshidora had all entered majors and done atleast decently at the start of ultimates lifetime

  39. Miya hadnt entered tourneys beforehand? Pretty sure he was absolutely just like Acola

  40. Its crazy how JP was supposed to dominate this tournament and Shuton is the last man standing in losers

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