1. I started at 29, I was at a crossroads in my sex life, remain a virgin for the rest of my life or start having some fun already in my youth, because luck was just not on my side lol

  2. You make 25K a month and women still got a higher standard? Damn were really screwed

  3. Was deprived, had no luck getting laid and was tired of just using my hand, I was on my way to becoming a 30-year old virgin , I wanted to actually experience sex in real life instead of just watching it on the internet for once lol and seeing escorts was pretty much my only viable option

  4. Like I mentioned last year, I have about 6 yrs of unviewed Hitomi footage archived and collecting dust in my closet lmao. For lack of better words, I'm feeling like Scrooge McDuck in his vault of gold coins. Her retirement just gave me a green light to watch everything I missed!

  5. Shieet I used to check the javtrailers website to see when the next film comes out and I would just wait for that shit to leak online lol but there’s at least one movie with her in it that I would like to see which can’t be found anywhere on the internet (HRND-245), I might have to purchase that

  6. Damn hopefully she still does things on her only fans yk? I mean she hasn’t completely abandoned that has she?

  7. Dang, shit like this just gonna make more guys leave the hobby if stuff like this keeps happening, stay safe and be careful y’all, if she’s staying at an inn/motel in a sketchy area where there’s no lobby or elevator to go through then don’t go, I did one time as a rookie and i didn’t feel safe plus the girl who i was seeing had fake pics but luckily I walked out because she being a bitch and only accepted cash without telling me, never again, make sure the area is more in the open

  8. I never refuse but I don’t try to unless she feels like kissing as well, plus eating pussy just not my thing lol I’d only try it with a partner not an escort who’s been getting dicked down by hundreds of other dudes

  9. I’m black and I literally no longer give a shit about most escorts not seeing my race, whether you’re paying for it or not every girl simply just has their own preference, they have their reasons for who they rather not want to come see them, I really don’t care to be accepted by all of these girls or even by every normal girl in general for that matter cuz I was able to find plenty who were open minded to seeing black men as their clients, it is what it is

  10. But I've been rejected by several of them on this basis and now I'm tired of it. And they are all races too. I had an east asian girl do it. I had a middle eastern girl do it. I had a latina girl do it. I'm sick of it

  11. But because of this you hate the colour of your skin? Don’t devalue yourself just because you’re getting rejected by hookers, they’re just hoes who want your money, just keep searching for better ones or just simply find a girlfriend

  12. Facts, seeing normal girls ain’t a problem but the pussy is not guaranteed thus escorts are a better option, especially if u ain’t so lucky

  13. Does anyone know what kind of content she puts out there? I've heard that it's non... porn.

  14. just simple solo stuff like her playing with her tits, some masturbating and taking a bath/shower

  15. Yeah she retired, no reduction though, but OF she can do stuff on her own time and put out whatever content she wants

  16. God, any social media at any time in her career would have been great. Alas, it was never meant to be. It never happened, she's retired, and allegedly had a reduction.

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