1. There is a hadith wherein the prophet tells that the people back then thought that the end was around the corner and that they did it on purpose.

  2. Did you put the amount you want back into the refund amount box?

  3. Right now EUAibolit are only selling meds sourced from Germany. I don't know where bica used to come from when they sold it; maybe it will be back on the price list when Poland- and Russia-sourced meds are available?

  4. long answer: honestly i would be bummed out a bit. how small are we talking? like 5 inches is a bummer but as long as he’s good in bed in other ways, it’s not a deal breaker. if it’s less than 4inches then piv won’t be enjoyable for me so he definitely has to be good with his hands, mouth, and comfortable using a toy on me.

  5. It’s bender dress like fez in Eric’s basement from that 70s show. I supposed that 90s show?

  6. I started about half a year before the sneeze, so close but not quite!

  7. I am glad you made the choice to be your true self! The confidence of GME gave me the courage to come out to myself!

  8. Not to hurt you more, and I think you have a wonderful personality but this screams Jeffrey Dahmer 2

  9. I still don’t get how people defend all these religions, that some of them are less bad doesn’t make them good smh

  10. Not sure if this is of much use to you since I'm gay, but I think you're hot. Maybe easy up on the hairgel a little tho

  11. It looks fine to me. It also won’t look the same as the surgery picture.

  12. It will change in a year but I want it to be this way after a year

  13. It looks fairly unnatural and might not be their preference.

  14. Start sleeping on your right side and start chewing on your left side, matter of fact, start chewing gum on your left

  15. It’s not proven that muscle development helps but in my own experience it always worked. When I had scoliosis, my doctor told me to train the muscles that are weaker on one side. It helped incredibly with the scoliosis but also with the face symmetry. Then I used one of those electric pulse machines for face and that also showed incredible results in an instant. So by making the weaker side stronger, one side of the face will be pulled more to the other side. I know it is called an inbred thing by the popular opinion but by just starting to breath from the nose instead of the mouth I already had special results. If you want to read more about it there are a lot of Ted talks about it. You could also join a community on Reddit that promotes mewing.

  16. After my nose job I will share the old version of my nose here

  17. I want the gay voice. I have just straight voice making people doubt whether I am really attracted to men

  18. Even when I thought I was straight (technically I still am), I found this absurd.

  19. Sometimes on eBay, at least in the dutch market, people somehow post toys. Be active keep on searching, could be at your neighbour

  20. The only thing I hated about it was the age difference, but their love story was incredible. (Spoiler alert) Pray offered himself up for Ricky.

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