1. For 2/3ds no. I had to use a parental control master key generator website. Look up videos on youtube you should be okay.

  2. I'll do that when this bad boy is charged and lets me back on in the morning lol. I've been wanting a switch for a while so really hope this works!

  3. I have done shrooms twice in my life. When I was 15 and recently. Both times they did nothing for me.

  4. Thanks for all that advice. I'll deff remember all that next time I give it a go. I just remember how different the trips were but it might also be the type of mushroom. I'll think about myself next time and not what others will think about me cuz I think that'll help a lot

  5. Yes. Now watch my post get removed by the mods....Or at least that is what happens on the Bi Polar subreddit anytime I open my mouth.

  6. Avoid siebenthalers because they don't pay their staff enough WHATSOEVER. you're paying extra money to buy things in āœØ Centerville āœØ and fill the pockets of the siebenthaler family.

  7. I like these a lot but those backs are screaming to be used by my cats as scratching posts. Love them enough to allow them the chance at a better home

  8. šŸ˜‚ yes I love them in someone else's home. They were a tadddd just too beaten too

  9. We have two full sets of these šŸ˜ one of the faves, I love how solid they are

  10. Mine says this all the time too. Godspeed friend

  11. Thank you John!!! I will save this and reach out if needed. I appreciate you a whole lot :) I have that book on my list of books to buy so I'll check out my local bookstore soon! Thanks again! I hope you have a good rest of your day!

  12. Bond Paper Is UNCOATED So It Has Virtually NO Ink-Hold-Out Which Means It's Like a SPONGE and the Dots Will Expand.

  13. Thank you for this! As a new employee in P&M I appreciate this a lot!

  14. This is about what I posted mine for before shipping got so expensive and risky. I had the Indiana Glass version, listed about $8 each iirc

  15. I can't remember what I sold mine for lol. Indiana glass made some really beautiful stuff, deff one of my favorite producers. Do you make the seller pay for shipping or do you include shipping in your set price?

  16. If I paid shipping at this point, I'd be paying to sell them. I stopped selling last year due to the high cost of shipping. People have a hard time paying more to ship than the item is worth.

  17. I had to back out of a sale one time because I was about to pay to have them shipped and sold lol. It's really hard with glass! I envy the people who sell clothes with ease.

  18. I get really bad anxiety if i am really sleep deprived and drink more than one coffee, my heart races from experiencing very trivial stimuli.

  19. Oh a bird sanctuary sounds PERFECT. I hope all goes well for you and you have the best time with the birbs!!

  20. Same!! I'm here if you ever wanna talk birdy with me lol

  21. Oh thanks! Yeah I must have missed this one. This looks fine for +Red-tailed Hawk+ to me. It's super overexposed so we've lost the head coloration entirely, but I still seen plenty to indicate that the upper breast is genuinely unmarked while it has a streaky belly band. Probably an immature based on what I can make out of the tail pattern.

  22. Thank you for your response!!! Even in the sunlight it was sososooo white and I've never seen a red tailed on that area before.

  23. It's called Victoria Place, in Waynesville. It's on Old Stage Road past the MLC library. Not really creepy, just a neighborhood. The library and tea room next to it are both nice.

  24. Thank you!! We ended up over on Ferry coming from Caesers creek and kind of gave up lol.

  25. I found a post on Mercari local the other week and someone was selling their whole setup. It was a quite large tank.

  26. The one where the chick and her mom shit in buckets then put it in water bottles. Then to find out after the mom died the daughter had been eating shit for years.

  27. Wow I bet this lady had quite the rooster kitchen!

  28. I can't reset my Instagram password to delete anything cringey šŸ« 

  29. This made me lol. What kind of seeb do you feeds thems?

  30. I have a carnival style uranium glass dish similar to the first pic, not sure of ID

  31. Same! We have the grape/ivy pattern on ours. It's one of our favorite finds yet

  32. One of my favorite things about ducks is that different species openly hang out with each other and seem to get along

  33. Oh it's so adorable. Such chill animals

  34. Of course! It's the closest I've gotten to an "uncommon" or "rare" duck in my area

  35. Hmmm...well, you've got a big black background to work with. The bird is really BIG in the "frame" of the image, so you could play with scale - add something that should be much bigger/smaller than the bird.

  36. Thank you SOOOO much for all that!! Wow I'm even more excited to get back to it now! I appreciate your comment a bunch and hope you have a lovely day :)

  37. Yeah of course! Yes I like the balloon hanging off, it adds to the "odd" sort of effect. I wonder if you might even find a third element to add...are you planning to keep going with this piece?

  38. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on which direction to go with it!

  39. It'd have to be the Goldeneyes. We get some Mergansers too from time to time.

  40. Hoodies?? I think they might be my favorite lol

  41. This made me lol a lot btw so thank you šŸ˜…šŸ˜‚

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