GameStop Reports Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2022 Results

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Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of September 03, 2022

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  1. Just ordered mine today. 1 day shipping, custom, random 4090. Don’t have an expected ship date yet. Cant wait. But also have to buy a monitor worthy of the 4090. Damn that was an expensive impulse purchase haha

  2. I wanna play with the new update, but now my mechs require too much bandwidth because of all the lancers I had…

  3. Use devmode to give your mechanitor more bandwith for a while while you get more bandwith sources? Deconstruct some?

  4. Yes I ended up using dev mode cause I didn’t bother looking for/waiting for a mod. Problem was, my base already took up most of the map, and it was pretty difficult to add 20 additional nodes along with the power requirements with the extremely limited real estate.

  5. I don’t see how it’s wrong. Cowboys always invent new ways to disappoint

  6. One winner in California and California was the state that delayed verifying security....

  7. I'm still hoping these are true and the other one is wrong. 😢

  8. Fine print of powerball.net says that it’s not associated with the msla, so I’m guessing it’s the wrong one

  9. Yeah that makes sense, but like why not just give your second stringers some first team reps in practice too?

  10. I only played varsity o-line in highschool, but here’s my take. Defense is more tiring. Honestly pass plays felt like plays off for me as a o-lineman they much easier and less intensive for me than run blocking and defense in general. Also, defense is easier to rotate, because defensive plays and the such are much easier to learn and harder to mess up than offensive plays.

  11. DLC shouldn't just break your game. Have you tried disabling it on the mod list?

  12. Uninstalled the DLC and running same mod list as the save file, but still gives me an unspecified error.

  13. I uninstalled the DLC and running same mod loadout as the save file, but it still gives me an error.

  14. Happened at my school. Differential equations prof. "If you are not a math major you won't be able to get an A in my class. I make all my own tests and I don't use any of the questions in the book to make them. If you can't come up with the proper way to apply the principles you will be shown in this class during you time limited test you will fail."

  15. My school had to change the requirements for the math major when one professor failed an entire class

  16. Then that makes Ryan Cohen false. Literally read the filings before replying to me again. Straight from his 13D/A: This Amendment No. 2 amends the Schedule 13D as specifically set forth herein. This Amendment No. 2 was triggered solely due to a change in the number of outstanding Shares of the Issuer.

  17. If you are talking straight title swap sure! I've got a 22 RWD Select w/ Comfort & Tech scheduled to be delivered in late Oct. that I'd be happy to trade for that GT ;-)

  18. Preparing to beat u with a bid of a Cyber Orange AWD select w/confort and tech package. Only 3.5k miles!

  19. I paid MSRP for mine, so around 52 with destination and delivery

  20. Does anyone know what determines whether or not a faction gets revived on ultimate crisis mode? Like is it tied to how long the faction has been eliminated? Was hyped to face ultimate crisis, but it seems only half or so of the factions actually spawned in.

  21. You probably had your HVBJB fail like so many other GTs including mine.

  22. Have the recall updates been rolled out now? I haven’t gotten it… 2022 select built before they rolled out the new part.

  23. Yes they have been. If you have a select your chance of failure is extremely low so I would not worry or bother going to a dealer for the update if I were you.

  24. Yea I’ll probably get the update whenever I go for my 10k mile inspection

  25. I am still waiting for the UPDATE!

  26. I have a select AWD + comfort and tech package. Picked it up off the lot for MSRP and I don’t think I’d enjoy the car more if it was premium. The one thing that does bother me though, is that even the premium RWD w/o ER seem to get wayyyy better resale value than me.

  27. Is this the first positive earnings reaction since the sneeze? Feels good

  28. They still have the France debt! Potential merger is still on the table!

  29. I’m OOTL on this one, have a link to what this means?

  30. Did it really though? I mean just look at the volume. No way that’s retail buying. Now I know dark pools and block sales exist to avoid large sales from tanking the price, but under normal trading conditions the actual sale of 10% of companies shares would cause the price to at least decline, no? But when you have the entire float reading multiple times over in a day, wtf is that? I’ll tell you what it isn’t, retail buying. Maybe my idea of how things work is just is wrong. How many shares could retail Have purchased in those 2 weeks?

  31. No way that's retail buying? Based on what? If you were watching the charts like I was, you could see clear resitances around 18 and 27, exactly where Ryan Cohen sold.

  32. I mean 2 billion trades happened in about 20 trading days on a stock that has a foot of 79 mil 77% of which is institutionally held. That leaves about 16 million shares available for retail. That would mean retail would have had to trade that 16 mil 125x over or the entire float 25x over in those 20 days. Obviously institutions are always involved and this is an exaggerated example, but there is no way in hell public sentiment and retail pressure is resulting in that many trades. You will never convince me otherwise. Big players and big money were involved in getting that stock price up, actively buying during that time. Retail certainly held some bags, but i don’t believe it was for RC.

  33. I’m going to bed now 👌 U may be right, and full disclosure I own 400 gme shares, but this still doesn’t explain why Ryan Cohen did what he did. Right now, I am choosing to believe in Occam’s razor.

  34. Am prepared for the downvotes, but this has been bothering me for awhile. If Cohen really didn't intend to pump and dump, why didn't he do everything by the book?

  35. https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=&CIK=&type=3&owner=only&count=40&action=getcurrent

  36. I’m lost. When did he speak on BBBY at all? Like how did he trick people. Don’t get me wrong idc I didn’t buy it or touch it but I’m just curious when he ever spoke about it lol I thought people just wanted to follow him. Not really his fault they did and got burned

  37. https://mobile.twitter.com/ryancohen/status/1558101541453795329

  38. I've had this discussion with people before, as I've been a holder of BBBY since Oct 2021 so I can speak from experience.

  39. https://old.reddit.com/r/BBBY/comments/x5tzy4/next_level_fud_revealed_bed_bath_beyond_cfo_who/

  40. I'm sorry mate but what's written here is getting the fact pieces wrong:

  41. The part u quoted is literally correct, he filed a 13 D/A on august 16th, the day he sold his shares.

  42. One of my friends is in business school, and he told me bbby is what they teach everyone not to do when running a business lmao

  43. At this point I think the bbby sub upvotes anything that’s a conspiracy theory or misinformation, and downvotes anything actually true and constructive

  44. How do I delete Reddit, reading bbby’s conspiracy theories about everything, from gus being murdered by the hedgies, freeman being fake, gme merging with bbby, the 12 million share offering being proof of a squeeze, and how Ryan Cohen is still going to save us all, I’ve lost too many brain cells and accepted my stupidity

  45. But is there a such thing as a LinkedIn Page not being positive?

  46. It’s almost like it’s the job of the social media account manager to be positive

  47. Company insider because of how many shares he bought?

  48. Yes, and also likely the cooperation agreement which stipulates an acknowledgment that he may be subject to insider trading restrictions.

  49. Because Ryan Cohen was a company insider and freeman wasnt

  50. plz stop saying he doesn't exist. His interview is right here

  51. People say lots of things in this sub to the point where I wish people would take the tinfoil hats off. Pro tip, when everything seems like a conspiracy theory, maybe you’re wrong…

  52. You're making this about RC. You're asking the wrong question. RC bought like 9.8 percent of shares in March. Company buybacks forced his stake to go above 10 percent necessitating an SEC filing the day before he sold. How did Mr. Arnal seem to perfectly time up his sale to correspond to company buybacks? That is the real question. Again what happened to this man is horrific. I feel sorry for his loved ones and I am not implying that these events are in any way connected. It is simply something that I haven't seen discussed.

  53. No his SEC filing was required at the end of April, but for some reason he filed the form 3, and a schedule 13D/A months late, coinciding the day Gus and he sold his shares.

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