1. Unravel two is one of my favorite 2 player concepts forsure. But the incredibly long levels and lack of save points which means you have to restart the whole level if you quit before finishing it all was a really frustrating move on the developers part imo. Hope you don’t end up feeling the same, cuz otherwise it’s a beautiful and very clever game

  2. It saves every time you catch up to the light, which is often.

  3. Conversations With God (2006)

  4. Reefer Madness, both versions.

  5. Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo in To Wong Foo. Dustin Hoffman in Hook.

  6. Small Wonder (80's TV show)

  7. Nobody changed the past. Locke walzing into the camp and talking to Widmore and Richard is what always happened. It's the reason Richard visited young Locke in the first place.

  8. When Desmond entered the code it still reset, so everything was fine from his perspective. He didn't know what happened and that it was actually real until he realized that the system failure coincided with the plane crash.

  9. Spent the last 30 years manipulating people and events to ensure my highly intelligent son would forever die by my own hand because whatever happened, happened. AITA?

  10. Yes, but the sequel is a prequel.

  11. I loved the movie, though … did you love the movie? That’s why I didn’t watch the show ….

  12. I loved the movie and if forced to choose which I like better it would be the show, but they really aren't comparable. Give it a chance.

  13. I'm pretty sure that's the one about lizard men who like period blood edit: politely why am I being down voted that's literally what happens

  14. It's a found footage film about a group of people who enter the Paris Catacombs and experience the rings of Hell, loosely following Dante's Inferno.

  15. 12 Monkeys, but not just the movie. The TV series is superb.

  16. Yes , he was good , the show changed up the book a fair bit , but I enjoyed it

  17. I would like to see a Stephen King adaptation where they just leave in all the Dark Tower related storylines.

  18. It's cheap in budget, expensive in story crafting and mind boggles.

  19. You can certainly tell it has a low budget, but it looks better than it's budget would imply. It doesn't need to look better than it does. The acting and story are strong. Honestly, if you are a fan of time travel movies It's a must watch.

  20. Yeah, never understood the Kate hate. She's a key component to the show and it wouldn't be Lost without her. Sometimes fanbases can be exhausting with their unwavering hatred of characters that don't seem to fit their perfect mold or whatever the hell it is people are looking for. It's the same on the Buffy sub and I grow tired of fighting what is ultimately probably quite a small but vocal proportion of the fanbase. Like any of these people could write a better show.

  21. To be fair, Evangeline Lilly had the same hate on for Kate that we did and she was the one portraying her. She even said she would throw scrips across the room after reading them.

  22. I feel that quote doesn’t do her character much justice. You’ve got to assume that the actress won’t have responded like this to every script she read. Just a few, where she didn’t agree with how Kate was written.

  23. The quote isn't about a particular script. She was very vocal in interviews about not liking how Kate was written or how she herself was being treated. She was fighting for a strong female character, which the creators had also wanted. The studio wanted her to be the girl in the love triangle. There was also more. There's an episode of the Lost Boys podcast where she explained some of her negative experiences, her reasons for not liking Kate and being intentionally hurt on set.

  24. You mean Vampires, right? That's why it's called From Dusk Till Dawn.

  25. She said she was a psychologist because she was a psychologist. It's clear through the way she speaks with people and how she quickly moves to help the wounded in her first episodes that she has had medical training. She explains to Desmond when she gives him her boat that her husband had died. Giving away valuable possessions like that is a telltale sign of being depressed and suicidal. Exposition in season 6 shows us that she was self admitted to the mental institution and could check herself out whenever she wanted. She mentions to Hurley that she would tell him where he really knew her from, she just never got the chance.

  26. I’m definitely learning that! I’m on my second rewatch ever (it’s been 10 years!) and I’m on season 2 so the storyline with Libby was coming up and I remembered being sooo confused about Libby during my first watch! Was curious what reddit had to say but now I’m feeling kinda stupid I guess I could have just waited until I finished the rewatch lol

  27. No, don't feel stupid. It's certainly common and understandable to be confused about the Libby storyline and you do have to read between the lines for some of it. Many of us have seen the show multiple times and listened to many interviews from Lindelof. Ask about anything you don't understand. There are a few things in the show that are still debated, based on plot points that had to be changed and an officially endorsed Lost Encyclopedia containing multiple errors, but most major questions have answers that can be found in the show.

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