1. Ang daming reason kung bakit sya financially unstable ngayon and majority of them ay dahil sa wrong financial decisions ng parents nya. Pero sana nagprepare sya bago pa nya sabihin na gusto na nyang magpakasal. Kasal pa lang, wala ng budget, pano pa ung kasunod nun. Maswerte lang ako kasi sa family ko, okay ang financial standing namin kaya once we're married, alam kong di naman kami magugutom. Pero I need him to help me, di pwedeng ako lang.

  2. Bakit papakasal pa siya sayo kung hindi siya financially stable? Wag siyang magpakasal kung financially irresponsible siya and demanding pa sa magiging wedding niyo

  3. Nako wag mo nang ituloy kasal niyo. Ngayon palang frugal na; What more kapag married kayo? Especially if you already addressed the issue to him

  4. Nakakasira ng experience yon ginawa ng staff and organizers mismo

  5. Last year din daw ganyan according sa isang tweet. There's really something fishy talaga.

  6. like it wasn’t even confirmed she was doing those dumb vault unscrambles again 😭 I’ve seen like ninety tweets about how pissed she is because there’s “no emojis or exclamations” in her message…and me? personally I’m glad I don’t have to play a game to understand what’s going on! I am stupid!

  7. As much as I wanted the vault thing happen, well what else can we do? It got leaked and tbh Taylor nor her fans can't control it.

  8. 70K? At 10k-15K venue? Didnt people learn from AstroWorld sa concert ni Travis Scott? Kelan lang din nabalita yung nangyare sa Itaewon dahil sa overcapacity ng venue.

  9. Kung naalala mo Ozone Disco 1996 ganon ang nangyari: overcapacity

  10. Kaya d ako naniniwala he is truly "rich". Andami sigurong dirty shit him and his family hiding behind cameras that lead to them being "influencial"

  11. I am not a Paramore fan but my friend is and this is the collab we both wanted since we were teens 😭💕

  12. I always thought it sounded like a Red reject tbh, but I assumed it was still closer to Speak Now than 1989 buttttt that’s an interesting theory 👀

  13. Tbh I think it sounds closer to 1989 or Red era. It has similar vibes with Bad Blood

  14. Unang naisip ko yung ConQuest. Kala ko nakapila pa din sila.

  15. Ito na nga sinasabi ko na wag tayong pumayag itapak ng mga foreign employers. Most of them are making lame excuses on how we are living in a 3rd world country

  16. In other countries, forcing an employee to work beyond working hours is illegal

  17. Sa pagkaintindi ko bawal dito ang forced overtime kasi sa ilalim ng Republic Act No. 10364 binabawal ang forced labor at para sa akin sakop ata doon yung forced overtime.

  18. Thank you for sharing. I think most of us need to be aware of this and yon karapatan naten. Unfortunately andaming abusive employers

  19. I think most of the ones calling them mom and dad are teenage girls but its weird if grown adults are doing it 😭 especially if they’re close in age to tay

  20. And you would be surprised how it is still common for these grown ass adult Swifties calling them parents. It's so creepy I think they need professional help

  21. It always amazes me that people don't have anything better to do. Don't they have jobs, friends, things like that? How can they spare hours of time to wait outside a hotel to catch a glimpse of someone?

  22. Nope. If they have lives, they wouldn't be investing so much time over a damn celebrity.

  23. This is more insane than the girl selling used contact lenses

  24. Idk why not much Swifties are talking about this. It was messed up she even crashes a wedding of the Kennedys and she was uninvited (que in literally Speak Now).

  25. and that his mom had killed herself like the month before, Taylor bought the house next door to him, and that she also crashed either a funeral or wedding of the family…like truly an insane era

  26. That was so embarrassing and messed up 😭 idk why Swifties are not talking about this

  27. Pati mga pumunta sa con mismo, may mga amoy anghit. Oh hindi ko nilalahat, baka sabihin generalized na naman.

  28. Naalala ko ung nag cosplay ako sa isang con tas may lumapit na Natsu (from Fairy Tail). tinatanong nya ako pano ginawa ung prop ko, ang kulit pabalik balik eh lakas ng anghit -may tama sa ilong.

  29. Not cosplay related pero I attended some Swiftie events and malakas body odor yon nagpapicture sa akin when I was wearing my T Swift costume. And what they were wearing were just regular fan shirts

  30. People love the idea of being in-love but aren’t actually ready for the realities of being in a relationship. Then, when they start to disagree and fight, they see “red-flags” that they didn’t see before (daw). It’s either they were blind, acting blind or are just unwilling to compromise and talk.

  31. Exactly. Sa sobrang blinded sila sa idealism, they keep forgetting relationships are not all happy and there are challenges.

  32. Contributing factor din kasi ang mainstream media and social media with the way how they portray two people “in love”. Not to mention we are a country that’s obsessed with love teams (ugh 🥴🤢). From our POV, we see two people having fairy-tale like lives, all sweetness, cheesiness, and surprises. But they do not show the responsibilities that romantic relationships entail, especially in social media. So all of these give people a false idea of what romantic love should look like, hence why we start to over-idealize a person’s potential to be our lover when someone shows up. We start to chase that feeling, that dopamine rush because we subconsciously expect that our potential future relationship with them will be just like what we see in the mainstream media and social media.

  33. Agree. Sobrang fake and scripted mga couples na social media influencers karamihan sa kanila. Akala nila all happy and good pero d nila alam behind cameras, toxic pala ang relationship

  34. Minsan ang pagiging toxic ng lalake is because vinavalidate ng ibang babae. Yung mama kase ng friend ko nag open up samin. May kabit asawa nya nahighblood ako nung sinabi nya na "okay lang, lalake kase eh. Normal sa kanila yun."

  35. Yan ang nakakalunkot. Mismong babae ang nag eenable sa toxic male behaviour kesyo "lalake eh"

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