1. Can’t hear anything over the radio. Do you use rain-x or glass sealant? It could be making the windshield TOO slippery to the point that there isn’t enough friction for the wipers to properly catch and flip with each wipe, causing them to stutter.

  2. Is it coming from the wiper blade or the bottom of the wiper arm that moves?

  3. I took an extended break from learning korean and the only vocab that stuck with me was the one I learned using spaced repetition with Anki.

  4. They stopped doing the wireless phones on the s3, mine don’t have it

  5. Hang in there! Try taking some painkillers and sleeping, I’ve heard that has helped a lot of people

  6. Yes yes, do it!! Just watch out for laziness flags that might mean you're developing depression or things are going south. Like sleeping excessively in the day, skipping meals or over eating, dropping your exercise regime, bla bla. You lucky thing ! I've been working since I was 17, would love a solid break.

  7. Me watching the exact same laziness flags in myself being described in a reddit post: 👁️👄👁️

  8. I had the opportunity to attend the meet and greet at the Anaheim lecture. The experience was short but nice, you had the chance to shake his hand say something and then take a pic. Sadly there’s no autographs but he does take gifts if you wish to give him one. Hope you enjoy it! I felt like he genuinely wanted to get to know at least a little bit about you. Just my take.

  9. Maybe it wasn’t “shallow” per say but compared to the intellectual powerhouse that is Jordan Peterson it was lack luster at best. I agree with you that the way he answered the last question showed tremendous humility. I don’t remember how long Tammy spoke for and I didn’t time it… Point is it was unnecessary. She added nothing to the conversation. I never said I didn’t have a good time I just said it was not up to my expectations.

  10. I mean, he was probably trying not to extend his answers too long? (more than necessary for someone with his intellectual ability, that is). But yeah, maybe you’re right about the ads being unnecessary, but at least for me it was a minor thing.

  11. Well I’m glad we agree on that haha. Also I flew out from Philly which is maybe why I’m a little more disappointed compared to just driving out for 20 minutes. All good though still a cool experience and I’m glad I did it. Looking forward to seeing the picture tomorrow. Im hoping I don’t look like shit.

  12. Oh I get how you feel, I flew from Georgia just to make sure I got to meet him and left with good memories overall. And same about the picture, I’m usually ass posing ahahah

  13. He talked about it during today’s event at the Honda Theatre. It looks like it could release at the end of the year or before the middle of next.

  14. Hey! I’m also attending his lecture this Thursday! Safe to say I’m pretty excited hahah

  15. Yup, I’ve felt them. Just try to keep yourself occupied and make sure to invest in something that makes you happy! For me it’s been reading (started reading again and it’s great) and learning a new language.

  16. Ive used it with a black background and colored background and like it either way. I use it as a clock on my desk and looks pretty either way haha

  17. I see that you mentioned taking Tylenol for headaches, my dermatologist specifically told me to avoid Tylenol since it’s processed in the liver like accutane. Idk how accurate this is but thought I should mention it.

  18. I had heard this so I specifically asked my derm if any OTC pain meds were off limits, and he said any were fine.

  19. Yup, definitely ask. But I don’t think it should be a big issue if you’re not taking it a lot.

  20. It depends. Are you a nice transgender or a mean transgender?

  21. Is this relevant? OP may ask the same question of us so? At least for me I voted yes since I welcome discussion and free speech

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