1. Which practice tests did you use? Could you link them!

  2. I'll tell you what I tell everyone else. Congratulations and I'm very excited for you. Just don't forget to have fun and be a kid or young person. It's great that you're taking this seriously and that you know what you want but don't lose focus on fun and other things otherwise you'll just end up old and bitter.

  3. Haha, of course!! I still enjoy high school and life in general with friends and having fun. It’s super important to maintain a healthy balance in any field I believe

  4. Would you mind sharing that with me as well please

  5. I have 230 on mine but i don't know if it's too high or not...

  6. The average amount is 90-150 depending on if people optimize or not.

  7. this is always good advice! disable in task manager but also use auto runs to make sure you don’t have any unwanted drivers, services, and other processes

  8. This happened to my sister but with AirPods. Our dad bought her brand new AirPods Pro’s from Amazon, but they faced this exact issue. We are already returning them and ordered new ones hopefully these ones won’t be used! It’s weird how they sell these listed as “new” and not under the used ones…

  9. updated link? it’s saying it’s no longer free

  10. I just passed my 220-1101 in 2-3 weeks of studying just using Professor Messer videos and practice exams, along side Dion’s practice exams as well (haven’t taken 1102 yet). I watched the videos on normal speed, and really paid attention to all the content and sometimes rewatched the videos multiple times if I felt like I did not grasp the concept entirely. I didn’t take any physical notes really, but I did make a quizlet to memorize the ports & protocols. I hope you pass your exam and good luck with studying!

  11. i live in enterprise, where this monstrosity comes from, i didnt go to the parade, but i can tell you that statues been through some shit

  12. i live here as well! i love the weevil but he is so cursed!

  13. you’re right! this parade was in enterprise

  14. my crush said that when I told her and now we’ve been dating for 3 years so it could be an excellent sign!

  15. I never played lost ark but may i ask what "clown raid" is referring to? Actual raid with a clown or something else?

  16. the raid boss is a literal clown, his name is “kakul saydon” if you’re interested in looking the raid up.

  17. I'm also playing both Lost Ark and Genshin for my "main" games currently so I just wanted to comment a bit. I'm not trying to directly answer your questions because many others did already.

  18. Wow! Thanks so much for the feedback! I appreciate this so much :)

  19. Thanks! Is there a way I can play over 60 fps? Or is it just impossible

  20. vaping, smoking, drinking excessively, all super cringe imo

  21. enterprise alabama, i live here too and im happy to be apart of this

  22. I’ve been a fan of the idle RPG genre for about 5 years now. I’ve tried about every one on the iOS store. (I think)

  23. 2x the people 2x the treats. it’s a win win

  24. this is awesome! i’m so glad people are helping others during the pandemic. i know a lot of people who also lost there jobs.

  25. looks like a cake, i’ll take my chances and bite right into it

  26. i thought this was cheese not paper for the longest time

  27. gorillas are so fascinating to me, i’ve seen so many videos of them doing memorization games / reaction time games and doing very well. so interesting.

  28. just one more video.. then i look at the clock and now i’m only getting 4 hours of sleep

  29. you can see the smile through the mask, she’s so happy to be wearing this haha

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