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  1. I'm dissapointed that we don't get any Timed Research this event. Not even with paying.

  2. simple option to lock pokemon from any changes would be enough

  3. Mamoswine, Machamp, Metagross, Electiwire, Swampert, Salamance

  4. Mewtwo, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza because they have megas/primals. Kartana, terakion, reshiram because they are top damage. Raikou and Moltres if you have the shadows. And of course your shadow Mewtwo.

  5. I'm using it every other day. Haven't seen a single Galarian.

  6. I'd love to see shadow Beldum return. To try for some better IVs

  7. Thank you. I always thought that since Tyranitar is Dark, than Larvitar must be Dark too :(((

  8. Can existing Tyranitars get the fast move with a TM or only through evolution?

  9. From my PvP experience, Tyranitar is a terrible choice. For every league. Very slow takes ages to fire a charge move, and dies really fast to so many things. Togekiss, Machamp, Kyogre, Obstagoon, Clefable, Metagross all destroy it.

  10. Primals are literally megas but with auto trigger and non exclusive. There is literally and absolutely nothing else to it. As the other comment said, what else would they do with it?

  11. As someone who completed 200 best buddies and considered it the greatest relief in the game, I quit this medal at 187 and simply wish I could delete it

  12. Not hard at all compared to other medals. Simply read the reviewing materials and start reviewing. I currently have over 2100 agreements out of 2900 reviews.

  13. I'm disapointed that Rayquaza isn't available. It's my favorite legendary and it's missing from raid for 2 years now.

  14. I'm surprised that shadow psystrike Mewtwo and shadow outrage Salamance are both ranked really low.

  15. How come Chandelure doesn't make Top7 as Fire? I always used it as Fire attacker as there are many better things for Dark/Ghost

  16. Anyone find it weird that we're celebrating Chinese New Year while the game is banned in China?

  17. I'd say 13mil is pretty normal for 40+ players if you've been levelling organically and not playing the xp game by stacking friendships. I have level 35-40 top counters for every type and rarely have a need to power up anything now. I really only use stardust when there's a task to power something up and I'll just pick whatever high IV level 40 relevant raid attacker I have.

  18. so you hoard dust and let others carry you through raids?

  19. it was never enjoyable for me, I play it solely to reach rank 20 for Elite TMS

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