1. Every time I see this claim regurgitated on Reddit, it has consistently been this one video, with this ONE refugee.

  2. Thats exactly it, and it's one person saying what she claims a Ukranian said to her.

  3. All the flags the guy on the top has and he doesn't have an actual proper American flag at all. True Patriot.

  4. Don't worry, we'll send our young boys over to your country to die on foreign soil protecting your wives and children because you cant. Wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last.

  5. Hahahahaha, thanks for the chuckle. To use one of your own colloquialisms, keep drinking the koolaid my friend. I can say with 100% certainty your young boys have never set foot in my country to protect our wives and children. You guys really need to spend more money on your education and health care systems and ease off on the military spending for a while. It would do your country so much good to have an educated population.

  6. Wasn't really the point whether it applies specifically to YOU or your country. But you probably knew that and preferred the easy argument. People from countries worldwide who haven't the armourments to protect themselves from their own Govt have, after great oppression and real mass murder, relied on boys of foreign lands to protect what is left. Democide, bar none, is the largest murderer of innocence in just the last century. An armed citizenry and the associated risks, pale in comparison to the risks of living unarmed in a world of armed Govts.

  7. Dam man, you really are a full-on gun toating dipshit. It must be so exhausting to spend all your time in fear of everything and so expensive to buy all the guns you need to feel safe. Nearly all your wars are built on bullshit pretences just to either prop up your insane military industrial complex or straight up to get access to the natural resources of the countries you are liberating. Shit nearly all the countries your fighting with these days are the direct result of the US fucking up the country in the first place. Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan are just 3 recent examples.

  8. I just ate an entire one of these while isolating with covid. It's a lot of M&Ms but it was good.

  9. Only facepalm here is OP not getting that she was obviously making a joke.

  10. They've been political most of the time. The machine is the system so rage against it.

  11. What a load of crap. I'm an immigrant (University degree) and I work with a lot of immigrants none of whom are unskilled. They all have trades or 3rd level education at minimum. You're just looking to rant about foreigners like OP.

  12. I take great offense to that accusation, as I absolutely was not.

  13. Take offense all you want, you're still wrong. You literally said, it's all just for cheap labour, none of them are skilled and that only some manage to get more education. And then your laughable statement that my view is skewed just because I see everyday what your saying is crap. Of course many are unskilled, that's because canada needs unskilled labourers just like every other country. And since min wage is $15, you're argument they are only here to drive down labourer costs is horse crap. You're just another guy with problems and it's easy to point the finger at immigrants. If you feel like learning you could read some of the many many studies done showing the large net gain from immigration and immigrants both skilled and unskilled.

  14. This is a troll account, it's the same one the other day that said "periods are a state of mind" or some such nonsense.

  15. You are spot on, these bullshit accounts are only there to stir people up and drive more distance between people.

  16. If you have a bad back hip thrusts and glute bridges can change your life. I started doing them about 18 months ago and after 15 years of back problems my bask has never been better.

  17. This is an oversimplification. Back problems are not all the same and depending on the problem these could improve or make the problem worse.

  18. Totally agree, this worked for me as a guy in my late 30s with lower back problems. These exercises focused the areas I needed to improve and they did it extremely well. I don't want people to think they are magic exercises that fix all ailments. I was also losing weight, eating better and doing all the other stuff for a healthy lifestyle. But I will reiterate, those glute bridges were the first step in fixing my back. I used to be laid out for a week a year with back pain, but now it's been 2 years and still going good.

  19. Lovely spot in the shade, that horn must of woke them up. They wouldn't like that at all.

  20. What is this lady thinking she is going to do? She can barely walk but thinks she is gonna come over and kick ass. Fair play to the kid for tossing her shit.

  21. That's Liam Neeson, playing an animatronic Abe Lincoln.

  22. Bullshit, he isn't even all the way forward and due to the stupid angle he parked at his diagonal, i.e. the longest distance is more than if he parked correctly. No defence of this assholery. He's just a prick.

  23. When I was a young man, I would have jumped face first into that beast of a burger. Now, as a 40 year old man, all I can think is how the grease will make me feel sick and I'll be having a very unpleasant shit within 2 hours of eating it. Also somehow I would gain 2kg in weight and it wouldn't shift for weeks. Getting old sucks donkey balls.

  24. I do like being mixed with the Munster fans during interpros you can have a bit of banter with them

  25. Looking at the measuring tape, your old jeans have stretched to 34" waist from the 32" when you bought them. Denim jeans will all do that. Sorry my friend but you likely have put on a few pounds. Happens to the best of us.

  26. I think you need to look up what a morbidly obese person looks like lmfao

  27. If you think this lady isn't morbidly obese then you need to take your own advice. Just because there are others much bigger it doesn't mean she isn't morbidly obese.

  28. The colloquial use of obese is different from the medical designation. She’s fat, but I wouldn’t call it obesity.

  29. You should, she is obese. I'm not sure why you're so defensive of this lady's obesity but she is what she is.

  30. Lifting boulders and looking pretty are mutually exclusive life styles. Credit to anyone who can do this and not shit their pants.

  31. I'm including this in my prayers tonight.

  32. I'm a devout atheist but fuck it, I'm praying for that tonight now too.

  33. So it's men, not the religion itself, who made it ok to marry a 9 yo.

  34. Well religion is made up by man so that can be applied to any religious thinking.

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