1. Just a little bit by enhypen, with earphones in at full volume so you can hear every little adlib and harmony

  2. Why did they write in gods habds in the most confusing font ever

  3. Its the eyes and lipstick, hes a vampire and idk why they made him look like that

  4. He looks like he havent been outside for 12 years

  5. My buns unfortunately dont think so, they attempt to escape every time the door opens, my dwarf even goes and sits by the door when he hears someone walk towards the room in hopes that they'll open the door so he can sneak out

  6. It may be more of a curiosity thing then a they don’t have enough space thing. If possible it may be a good idea to let them explore outside their room so that they know what out there, also try to change things up in their room so that have new things to do (move hides, add new toys, give them puzzle boxes/toys, etc).

  7. They definitely know their way around my house, byt its not safe for them to just go out without me rabbit proofing first. I also change things up every once in a while. They dont have traditional hide, ive made them out of furniture so that they also have climbing opportunities. They're big an heavy so i cant move them too much.

  8. I figured the back ledge and the hollow in the center would be used, hopefully that's good. With another plant on the right I'm hoping to make the right side more desirable.. since now its too open. I am using a heating pad on the back so the light is only for plants and shouldn't cook em. I also plan to spray the tank twice a day.

  9. Heat pads is good for cresties, they like being higher in their enclosure as its natural for them, but having a heat mat forces them to go to the bottom. A deep heat projector or a ceramic heat lamp (on a thermostat of course) is much much better for your future geckos well being. Heat mats are more for snakes and ground dwelling lizards.

  10. tbf, if youre putting a heat mat on the side of the tank then it can be good for cresties, you just have to make sure that they have loads of places to chill and hide throughout the tank.

  11. I can see how that would work, i was talking about the mat being at the bottom bc that's how it most commonly is, but on the side is would definitely work in creating a heat gradient while also not forcing the gecko to go down or out of its comfort zone! That's very smart!

  12. My boys get so pellet hungry the walk over their pellets to try and eat the air in my hands, i have to guide them to a little bit of their food before they realise its all over the floor not in my hands. (i scatter feed, its as close to their natural feeding in the wild as i can do in my room)

  13. Ooh that’s a great idea with the scatter feed. I’ll have to try it with my bunch.

  14. Just be careful of any bullying at first, my boys follow each other around at first and push each other away to get the pellets (like cheating , using the other to find it and taking it for themselves) and when they were newly bonded my bigger boy would be very mean to the point that i had to hand feed my other bunny bc he just wasn't getting food, but they were in a small pen then, now they're in a big room and they go their separate ways to find food. They so still steal each others food tho, eveb directly out if the others mouth hahah.

  15. Id recommended adding chew toys, like willow or other safe wood sticks, hay toys, small pet specific woven balls and other wood chew toys if you don't have any.

  16. Slowly building uo a variety of toys iz goid fir your bun. You can just get a different tiy every month to build up thr collection, rabbits do need the variety

  17. Yes its totally possible, look up cupioromantic and qprs.

  18. I really don't believe "just friends" can ever bond similarly to a romantic couple. My best friend, who I've been friends with since a small child, always prioritizes her boyfriends over me. Ofc our bond is still important, and rarely you can have a friendship last that long, but I will never be anyone's number 1 if I'm not in a relationship with them.

  19. so many ppl have these sort of relationships. The time spent with someone does equal how deep you'll bond.

  20. A kick back with both legs straight and no body twist is means "kicking dust in your face bc you irritate me" but if there is a body twist then its a binky.

  21. Ive tried reading it and everyway i can think of and the only way that makes even the slightest bit of sense is

  22. If you were diagnosed then it doesn't really matter what they think. There's no one way to act autistic, media keeps forcing that idea and then things like this happen and it sucks. Im so so sorry that your experience is being invalidated.

  23. Is he neutered? It might also be bc he doesn't like the litter, what do you use?

  24. I have not yet heard of vinegar + water but I clean up the dirty puppy pads and use hay and wood pellets, both of which he is used to. But he isn’t yet neutered

  25. Definitely neuter, my one bun went from an absolute terror to a lovely little boy who very very very rarely pees outside his litter box.

  26. Neuter both first. I don't think breeds matter with buns really, i have a normal sized boy and a dwarf and they get along well but before neutering my youngest the dwarf (as my other bun was already neutered) they'd be really agressive if i even smelled a bit like the other

  27. Phone your local rabbit savvy vet and ask for advice, they'll either tell you to come in or book an appointment with you, tell you to keep an eye on it for a bit or they'll tell you its normal. When my boy lost a lot of hair, the vet asked for a pic and then said it was fine, and when we went to the vet (for an unrelated reason) later and more hair was gone the vet said it was his saliva and then treated him for mites just incase. I was panicking so much and it turns out it was just bc he got too much food stuck on his cheek and could get it out (for the same reason we went to the vet lol)

  28. As another redditor said, try a very flat rug, one with absolutely nothing that he can even grip his teeth onto, cover any and all baseboards he has access too, even when free roaming cover it up. Unplug and hide any plugs when he's free roaming, anything thats needs to stay on should be covered or kept out if his reach. Add covers on the corners of the walls, some ppl use packing tape, but i think you get wall guards/ scratch posts that you get for cats that go oj corners to prevent cats from scratching the wall.

  29. My rew boy very often gets a dirty butt bc he likes peeing on areas that aren't absorbant, i normally leave him alone after just drying his butt slighty with a tissue and he cleans it in a week or two. But if this is a continuous problem then definitely see a vet, she can get urine burns and those are painful. Also if she's struggling to clean herseof it might be a sign of sickness, my boy struggled a bit, but we just thought it was his long coat and the fact that he was a baby, it turned out that he has a genetic problem and his jaw is deformed causing his back teeth to spike and cause him a lot of pain. Im not trying to worry you, but buns hide pain and discomfort so well and even the little things can mean somethings wrong. I definitely would just go to a vet for a check up, or just phone them, say whats going on and they'll tell you if you need to go in, or how much of a concern it is.

  30. What products do you use on your hair, my curls are similar but they're super damaged and gross.

  31. You are so sweet 🥹 thank you! I very well might take you up on this 💓

  32. I hope your friends dself discover journey goes smoothly and that they start understanding themselves better and being happier (bc i sure am happier than i am when i thought i was allo and forced my self to be allo)

  33. You can also pm me questions and ill try my best to answer them. Im not ultra knowledgeable, but I've identified as ace for over 2 years now and ive done all sorts of research on my self discovery journey!

  34. Just like ppl bc they're ppl not bc their race.

  35. That's the thing about labels, they aren't a permanent thing, its not im aro and then if you realise you're not, you can change and you need to use it forever, labels are for self understanding. If at this point in time you dont feel romantic attraction and you relate to the aro label, then you can use it. If in the future you fall in love, then you just don't use the label or change it. There's nothing wrong with self discovery.

  36. Dan Harmon or someobe else bc i really like community

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