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  1. I love how every photo we see of Ken Griffin he progressively looks worse and worse. Dude aged 10 years in the past 2

  2. +36% steady up trend past month. What is this boomer investing. Give me that +15000% -80% +30000% thrill ride.

  3. Damn, I didn't believe you at first but sure enough, +36%. Feels like we been sideways trading all this time (because we have)

  4. Sometimes cleaning isn't enough and carbs need a rebuild. I'd start there. Not sure how you clean your carbs but boiling them for 20mins in water+vinegar/lemon juice (something acidic) with the bowls and other caps/lids off followed by blowing out with compressed air works well in my experience if you don't have access to an industrial parts washer

  5. That's definitely not preferred, too wobbly. I have a set of the universal style sockets and can usually get one to bite the square tap head. Then I bought actual tap sockets and it's a life saver

  6. I pointed it out to him and he was all 'Yea, I know' but the spacing of the lifts and their 'wheel base' marker are just inappropriate for modern vehicles. The service bay is a couple decades old and was set up by the previous 'brand' that this dealership was before it was turned to Honda.

  7. I had a lift that slightly caught the floor because it was uneven and I fixed it by taking a piece if 1/8" flat steel and put it on the ground so when the lift lowered it will hit the arm lock pins and pick them up sooner allowing the arms to swing sooner and keep the carrier 1/8" off the ground

  8. Geez, do we really have to observe it's stupid to give a child a motorized guaranteed injury?

  9. Kids are way more capable than you think if given the opportunity to learn. I know some that started skiing here in CO at 4 and are absolute beasts now at 6

  10. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty fucked up rn. Wish I could buy more GME to celebrate

  11. I can't wait until you hit a full 365, it will be amazing! You already are amazing! Keep rocking it

  12. “Particles surge in after hours trading” ahahaha

  13. If you watch the original "chocolate rain" song on YouTube and keep skipping 10 seconds after he says chocolate rain it will just be him saying chocolate rain over and over for the rest of the song

  14. Well you can't vote with shares Lent out so according to that filling they have Lent 740,297 shares. Not that many in contrast but surprisingly close to that 1 million shares to borrow that showed up not long ago.

  15. Pre 1980 most High Schools had a rifle club and or a shooting ing team. Some still do today but very few. I learned firearm safety and learned how to shoot a rifle in the Boy Scouts. Hunting before school in the early morning was common 30+ years ago thus it was common for high school kids to have a rifle or shotgun in their car or truck. My high school still has a shooting range in the basement but it’s no longer used.

  16. This is from ~ 10 years ago but hunting is big where I'm from so it's not uncommon to have 40+ kids with loaded rifles/shotguns in their vehicle in the parking lot from hunting before/after school. I accidentally brought my vehicle in the autoshop before remembering I had my 12ga in the back seat. I just left it and didn't mention it as it was only for a few hours.

  17. wasnt worth your time to unload the gun when you were done hunting?

  18. Not really. I never kept one it the chamber until I was ready to shoot but it was loaded until the end of the season

  19. How is this BIFL? Most speakers last well over 10 years if cared for. If that's the case I'd like to add my car speakers. They survived 11+ years of WI winters, blazing hot summers with the windows rolled up, a car accident, getting water on them, get slammed around every time the car door is closed, and haven't skipped a beat. Plus they have replacements so I don't need to buy a whole new car!

  20. "Cared for" would be a gross overstatement for this speaker. Its been through hell and back and still running strong. Also, your car speakers surviving all this stuff untouched, especially getting into an accident, is actually not something to scoff at either, even if its not quite as comparable as you make it seem. Like comparing a desktop to a smartphone.

  21. I got a Bluetooth speaker sitting on my toolbox at work that has been on every backpacking trip, tubing down the river, beach day where i bring it in the water with me, and then lives in a shop the other days. I would be shocked if it didn't last me the past 12 years it's been there. I bought it my JR year of high school and it's still kicking.

  22. Hahahah damn. That’s like saying do you want a pound of dog shit in a bag OR a pound of dog shit in a box? Either way you’re getting a pound of dog shit

  23. Actually the 5.4l 2v is the engine most likely to hit 300k miles. Other than the plug issue their pretty solid. Even with blowing plugs out it's not hard to fix and once it's done then it's not gonna happen again

  24. I have a question since you seem knowledgeable on the subject, I’ve had a 2000 F250 with the 2v 5.4 for the past 14 years. I normally do all of my own work on it, doesn’t matter what it is, but from day 1 of ownership I have wanted to change the plugs. However I’ve been hesitant to because after one week of owning it, I had a plug blow out. The plug had a thread insert that blew out with it, which along with the new spare coil packs that came with the truck made me realize, there was a reason I got such a nice low mileage truck so cheap. The previous owner couldn’t get that plug to stay in, so he dumped it on me, thinking it at minimum needed a cylinder head. (I actually paid so little for the truck, I was worried it was gonna come up stolen when I registered it.)

  25. I've had the cheap inserts (helicoils) come out when removing plugs before so it's not unheard of but if a nice insert is used like these (kit I use)

  26. FUCK CANCER!!!!! Good for you to power through and fight the battle for your life! You are amazing!!!

  27. Havnt checked it power to starter with the multimeter yet as it was starting sometimes and it's only a single cable to it with no breaks I assumed it was good. Will check that first then give a look at the other stuff you mentioned, thanks for the tips!

  28. It's not just the wire that could be the issue, but the component it originates from. When doing electrical tests you might be checking several things at once and narrowing it down, dont focus on just one piece of the puzzle 👍

  29. How much would one owe on taxes after 90k of 1099 income? Asking for a friend who works in Oklahoma if that matters 😬

  30. They probably won't send them over until next monday just to keep them from the reported #s for Q4

  31. I already did. Why wait? Buy through computershare and DRS then book

  32. We work on a lot of fleet vehicles at my shop, and it’s not uncommon to see stuff like this except more straight mud and less quarry dust. It’s not uncommon to charge an hour or two labor for mud removal just to be able to see what we’re doing and not get completely filthy doing it

  33. I worked on skidsteers for a minute in a rural area with lots of dairy farms. Every single one would get pressure washed before work began otherwise there would be half a foot of cow shit and hay in the skidplates. I wouldn't touch one unless it was washed otherwise your just waiting time messing around in the shit

  34. I had the luxury of being required to take a personal finance class my senior year and honestly it was great to have, I knew most of it but still nice. Superstonk eclipses it in every aspect though. I've learned more in 2 years about market structure than I ever thought I would

  35. The most important thing to remember about the Addams Family is that no matter how unconventional they seem, they're good people. This family also seems like good people.

  36. That's what I love about Bob's Burgers, the family is just so fricken wholesome

  37. I wouldnt call it 'very accurate' as its possible to fake a computershare account and its possition as shown a couple weeks ago. Its a very close rough estimate I would say. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if hedgies tries to fake a bunch of accounts on here to bump up our count just claim its innacurate when the official numbers come out. The only thing that will always be 'very accurate' is Gamestops quarterly DRS count.

  38. That is incorrect. The 2 quarters prior to the 'rug pull' the offical DRS numbers were higher than the bots numbers by several million each time so the bot was actually closer than we suspected. It's a pretty solid indicator and I'd say it's probably accurate to >1% of the float

  39. Never said it was. Just responding to you saying a stock won't get a visit from the ATF

  40. You know, even the bump stock is up in the air now, as the 5th circuit court overturned the ban.

  41. https://news.bloomberglaw.com/us-law-week/bump-stock-ban-left-intact-as-supreme-court-rejects-challenges#:~:text=The%20US%20Supreme%20Court%20left,including%20the%20National%20Rifle%20Association.

  42. Your dedication is amazing. You sir/ma'am are a much under appreciated ape and are doing this community a huge favor. Thank you

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