1. Is it worth it to upgrade your legendary (T3) gear all the way to +20? And would the transfer to relic gear be 1:1 at +20?

  2. I want to work on planes electronics and I’m soon to graduate POET. Will I be allowed to OT from ATIS to AVS or is it out of the question because my trade is red?

  3. I started playing Way back when, met a guy called that himself "Moose", joined his guild, found a close-knit group of people, they showed me pve, they ganked whoever killed me. and we just messed around..

  4. Wait, I think I’ve actually come across you a couple of times in Ash Forest while lumbering lol. I think I asked you how long you had left XD.

  5. Which units can I be posted to after finishing my QL3 as an ATIS tech.

  6. Where can I find a good review guide for the general military knowledge test for BMQ?

  7. Find what chapter you need in English, then click on the Francais link in the upper right corner.

  8. How do you wash and dry your beret especially in the area behind the cap badge (on the inside of the beret) that never seems to dry up?

  9. What university degrees would fit for becoming an air operations officer

  10. As per the linked table, AOO accepts any degree.

  11. Do special forces look for personnel among ATIS techs with a specific skill-set?

  12. There's a migrant trying to stow away on a plane by hiding in a jet engine.

  13. manz would've gotten shredded, lucky the law enforcers cared to get him out. and someone cared to report him.

  14. I know consciousness is lost rapidly but he experienced losing it after his head was removed from his body. His eyes just drift down but they were perceiving something momentarily I'm sure.

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