1. Dis my coach 💕 so glad she’s prioritizing her mental health and especially with it being her rookie season she killed it!!

  2. So proud to also be a BA team member and have such a great role model like Li!

  3. I did just go and buy a pair from Aritzia because I love the look but not into the slit!

  4. I’m afraid Adam is going to be in the same position with this toxic angelz thing. He’s opening up a door to the skeletons in acbs closet with that shirt he wore.

  5. Rooting for Noel, Andrea Loces and I know it’s an unpopular option but Megan Long

  6. They always had ads for ACB but it was for Toxic this week! I hope this means more of their girls especially pros support toxic!

  7. Same. She also always looked like she had been up all night partying when I got my video feedback. It was really irresponsible of them to make her a coach. At the end of my prep I had completely stopped sweating (even after 75 min cardio) and I told her and she never did anything about it.

  8. I recently inquired for lifestyle coaching with Ashlyn. Not sure how different her prices are for competing but these were the prices I was sent. 6 month min: $375/month. 4 month min: $450/month. Month to month: $475.

  9. It’s an extra $100 a month if you are competing I inquired the other day

  10. Why does a girl changing her hair colour have to deal with Justin?

  11. Because he very publicly cheated on Megan with her when she was still underage/barely legal. And he has a type -over processed bleached blondes.

  12. I did have my money on Adair until I saw Ashley K coming… Ashley K defiantly has it in the bag. Anyone else attending in person?

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