Plastic eating worms

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  1. Id assume if you are on drugs you would know they are not free. Then again Fox is like free heroin.

  2. Fox News is definitely a drug dealer, and its not free, but the user just doesn’t know it.

  3. That title is spelled wro….

  4. Just new hoof goofin’!

  5. It is the same front end as the F250. In fact you can swap the whole front end to the later model F250 for an updated look.

  6. Dude this is just keeping the moisture in there🤣🤣🤣

  7. One thing could be to place washcloth or paper towels between the bed and the bowl. It will wick the moisture away from the heat towards the cool air outside.

  8. IIRC these worms had to be provided the right kind of gut biome to break down the plastics. If they escaped into the wild and reproduced, I doubt their offspring would be able to break down plastics

  9. Life, uh, finds a way…..

  10. My '63 gal convertible has the 390. I'd strongly recommend a set of kugel komponents

  11. The biggest issue with the FE is the intake and exhaust manifolds. Fix both of those areas and even a stock motor is real, real healthy.

  12. The Edelbrock Performer (not the rpm version) seems to be the hot ticket for a street car.

  13. This construction method was invented in the 70’s. Its way cheaper and faster to get the main structure up vs stick building.

  14. https://www.nonpaints.com/nl/rust-oleum-metallic-spuitverf?product_variant_id=27157&utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping%20feed&utm_content=free%20google%20shopping%20clicks&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI146CkpTC-gIVh7PtCh073wfzEAQYASABEgLXnPD_BwE

  15. Don't do Chrome. It's really hard to get right, and always ends up looking bad.

  16. Right after the paint job and getting new tires....

  17. One of my buddies with a shops first text after asking if I was alright was “LS time?”

  18. Do you live in Houston? Daily drive a Volvo 240?

  19. Negative. Opposite side of Texas. Close to Oklahoma.

  20. OK, I just bought some Volvo parts from a dude in Houston that JUST bought a 5 series like this!

  21. Open up your walls. See that dark line in the drywall? Cut it above that line, and scrap everything below that line.

  22. It looks exactly like a bicycle tire lever.

  23. Lightning fill. Layer height to .8. 100mm/s nozzle speed.

  24. I live in College Station.

  25. Don’t get me wrong. I’m an x32 fan. I use them a ton, and in the small console market I would pick a full x32 over any other 2000-ish dollar desk.

  26. If my math is correct, Jim Backus (Mr. Howell) was 51 in the first season, which is the age I am now. He looked so ancient!

  27. I always thought the Skipper was a huge fat man.

  28. Do you have the turbo or non-turbo? Most of the exhaust systems from Martelius and JT Tuning are for turbos

  29. Which is OK. The Turbo exhaust is actually a nice upgrade for an NA motor. From the factory these cars had pretty undersized exhausts. The aftermarket turbo exhaust should be 2 1/4" (57mm) which only starts to be a restriction around 180hp. The NA will never reach that level without serious mods, so that is a nice safe exhaust to run.

  30. That's the kind of code an idiot puts on his luggage!

  31. I know he's a controversal figure around here, but dave has

  32. Why is he controversial around here? Genuinely curious.

  33. Memorize as much of Alice’s Restaurant as you can. Always makes for an excellent mic check.

  34. You ugga all of the fasteners tight, then go back around for a dugga.

  35. This is where these all-in-one stick pa’s work fairly well.

  36. B’s wheels/tires. A’s airbags.

  37. The Sig P365 is available in .380. I’ve been hoping my local rental range would get one so I could test it, but they haven’t yet. Looks like a very solid choice.

  38. Me too. Old age and arthritis is a b***h. I think modern self defense ammo and 10 rounds is nothing to sneeze at.

  39. So there's some bad news and some good news about .380. Bad news is, it doesn't have enough stank on it to be useful with any type of hollow point or defensive ammo. The good news is that Ball ammo works fine and has a pretty ideal amount of penetration. Also .380 Ball will tend to tumble in tissue creating the kind of wound channel that defensive rounds are looking for anyway. Best news is that Ball ammo is cheap so you can afford to shoot it more and you'll be shooting the actual ammo you'll be carrying.

  40. practice and skill mixed with talent. Not a dig at you, but I hate the word talent being solely attributed to positive musicianship.

  41. I think its more about self-awareness than practice and talent.

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