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  1. iron man is in the guardians of the galaxy?

  2. He holds the fake thumb on the right hand, when he’s disappearing one he’s moved it from the right thumb to the palm of his left hand. And he begins stuffing the hankerchief into it. Then puts the thumb back on while misdirecting you with the fact it’s disappeared from his left.

  3. Thoughts on Ironman > [[Blue Marvel]]? Seems like a better synergy, and serves as a backup plan if Infinaut isn't gonna show up (Jubilee Infinaut decks at least have two ways to get him out, you only have one).

  4. I found that blue marvel just doesn’t pull enough weight. In this deck the 5 cost effectively needs to be something similar to infinaut in ability power so Ironman really fills in well for that space

  5. I can almost smell the cheese grilling…..

  6. Not at all lol you’re just utterly thoughtless. Literally put any amount of effort into what you pump into your eye holes and you might not have to grovel at the feet of the internet for the leftover slop of understanding it can provide for the cartoons you struggle to enjoy

  7. Go back and try making that sentence even longer. You take a million years to get to the point.

  8. Fatphobia is not a thing. I’ve never been scared of fat people, and you shouldn’t have to change everything around people being fat. Fat people should be the ones in walkable cities anyways, they need it.

  9. A mort well ricked is what I thought it was but it says lived for some reason

  10. Rick: A Mort well lived. Mirroring Roy: A life well lived

  11. Roy: A mort well ricked is how I remember it. But this makes sense Guess I’m from an alternate universe where the bearenstein bears are

  12. I don't see Izzy surviving 2minutes without proper wrestling defense, no joke. Like him or not Khamzat Chimaev is a freak, leagues above many.

  13. Izzy has some of the best take down defense in the game. Only Jan was big enough to hold him down and khamzat is nothing compared

  14. He has no shot against izzy. He would never ever win. Not even out of 100 fights.

  15. Tommy Bahami Beach Model/Late night glory hole regular at the puckered star fish lounge

  16. Missing the point. Nate said it himself, he doesn’t give a fuck. He doesn’t want it, didn’t call for it but he doesn’t back down from anyone.

  17. Why call Q9 off suit when utg raises? Maybe I’m too tight but I would’ve folded pre.

  18. Play some .01/.02. If you play that for 2 hours and still enjoy it; you love the game. If it takes putting 1/5 of your BR on the table to enjoy it, you enjoy gambling.

  19. I agree. I’ve had just as much fun playing with friends for a 10$ buy in home game. Vs playing a 100 person casino tournaments I do weekly

  20. me still with 6 spare tickets and 5000 gold with all characters unlocked already mwahahaha

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