1. Yup, and I've got a Mega Banette locked and loaded for this.

  2. Got it, standing by! Or sitting as the case may be lol

  3. starting first try, leave if not enough are joining

  4. Thanks for the invite! you got enough ppl for 2nd one....I'm good now. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the attention but I'm half asleep now, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the effort!

  6. Hello, are still interested? If u are send me ur I gn and an invite

  7. Hi! Sorry just seeing this now. It just means backing out of the raid so you can keep creating new lobbies for another 10, and then another 10.

  8. Ohhh thank you for the response! I'll give it a try. How many secs left do u normally leave so its still good to start another?

  9. Not sure if you have experience of inviting 10 to a raid but if you don’t you can just try to run shuttles with groups of 5. (5 is enough for Celesteela if people join). I invite 10 and tend to leave fairly soon after anyone from second group of 5 enters lobby. There is a maximum of 10 remote raiders per raid so I often need to get out, to let #10 in. Then I delete those 10 friends I just sent off my friend list. And add the next 10. And repeat. People are pretty good, if you communicate what you’re doing clearly. Hope that makes sense.

  10. Thank you for explaining it well. I have previously hosted raids with 10 but I usually join in. I do want to try shuttling for raids like this to help out. I was just unsure how late I can leave before its counted as being part of the raid. After sending invites for 2nd group of 5, sometimes you don't see them joining until last 20-10s countdown. I suppose/assume as long as you leave while still in the lobby, (even with 1sec to spare?) it will not count as being part of the raid. Thanks again I'll give it a go and try not to be so anxious about lol.

  11. So glad to hear that! A gym closeby which happened to have that a raid so it was good timing.

  12. Oh no!!!! Raid passes are so dear! One thing I've tried is lobbing the ball high from mid screen. Good luck maybe for next time!

  13. Thanks for jointing the raid. Sorry for those who missed. I got 80+ invites!

  14. Raid finished. Ty to everyone who joined. I'm sorry I couldn't add everyone.

  15. Are u keen to redo the raid...just using the existing remote pass.... We can try to defeat until time runs out on gym

  16. That was so close. If everyone hadn't left us we would have had it no problem.

  17. We can still redo until time runs out on gym.so u don't waste ur raid pass

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