1. Destroying people that know little about gaming

  2. Don’t put yourself down or blame yourself for falling into the scam.

  3. Was so stupid, need to blame myself for it.. fcking misstake, 1k $ gone forever

  4. I don’t know how i am gonna ease you by tellong that people from all aspects of life and social stature have fallen for the scams in grand scheme of this.

  5. Again with the arbitrary ways to tell a man from a boy

  6. I’m definitely not a fan of neo pronouns, as it not only makes the English language difficult, it also makes them sound out of touch with real world.

  7. You forgot autism representation on that list. I know that a lot of people seem to have skipped Daughter of the Deep, but i think Ester deserves some mention.

  8. Really? I’d really like to hear that my diagnosed ASD gets the well represented spotlight

  9. Rick really knows how to write good characters regardless of skin color, gender, sexuality or any other traits, not for tokenism, simply like us.

  10. Am a a Christian and I don't believe it's a sin at all. I remember learning about how the bible doesn't actually say homosexuality is a sin, but it says stuff like rape is bad. People just took it out of context and made people think it says homosexuality is a sin for centuries.

  11. We don’t even know what the original message was throughout millenia, as the verse has gone through many iterations by multiple people that wrote the revisions.

  12. Only downside of zelda is that it’s the first party exclusive, while the hogwarts is multi platform. Rowling has no say about the what’s in the game as told by the devs

  13. The almighty power of seduction never fails for her

  14. Act man telling them to actually be useful for once.

  15. Act man telling them to actually be useful for once.

  16. J.K Rowling herself has no say, what happens in the game, i may be wrong from the info received from the either devs or the publisher.

  17. LOVA-C by the looks of the barrel and the magazine

  18. Just an another familiar face in this subreddit.

  19. that, even when the majority say they are against these people, they are shrugged

  20. most furries hate these zoophiles and when they do callout these people, people simply ignore them.

  21. If the van is selling the semi shotty that can be unlocked via Cayo Perico heist, then i might as well not consider doing the heist, if it’s next week

  22. Act Man talking about this as if he cares about being "misinterpreted" or "accused" of transphobia. Lmfao

  23. He did acknowledge, admitted fault and moved on from that at least

  24. This subreddit is so stupid and irrelevant that they’ve had a chokehold on the discourse around this game for weeks

  25. “Let them have fun” mentality is not in the forte i presume

  26. try snuggling with your partner. sex doesn't have to be like a filmed performance, try slow and steady.

  27. She's already given birth?! Man, I feel like Stefan announced her pregnancy last week or something. Congrats to the new parents 🐻

  28. Probably she was already at the late stages before announcements of the birth, privacy being the top priority of the couple

  29. The length isn't extending, more people are just reaching the finish line. We've done very little to actually extend human life.

  30. not by the decades longer, if you go for that context.

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