What will Trump's prison nickname be?

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  1. Gameplays great the story just sucks balls

  2. Wades feeling great now that his Covid is gone

  3. Da bois! Also all 12 year olds in this comment section go back to Roblox and learn to grow some thicker skin.

  4. He has tf’d into our realm. We are no longer safe.

  5. Are you me because this was the literal outcome when I did one.

  6. Holy crap why haven’t we gotten one yet it makes so much sense!

  7. I pick them as they are the heart of my cards ;3

  8. “Good news the cancers healing itself”

  9. Die by the sheer amount of cuteness that radiates from them.

  10. Probably. With the knowledge I have on the subject it should be possible to encode for new receptors in the eye to change your vision.

  11. This is a common bug. I had to replay this level multiple times to get the door to work. If your still unable to get through I recommend using the dev tools to just clip through it.

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