1. I find it interesting that you don't mention Nijigasaki because that one's actually not like the other 3 and is a lot more fun as a result. The focus on individual performances also helps let each character's personality come through in their music. But enough about that.

  2. Yes I was going to mention Nijigasaki too! That one was the one refreshing change in the Love Live universe.

  3. I wouldn't go as far as to block him. I mean he hasn't done anything wrong. I'll keep in mind I should just tell him directly. I hope he doesn't take offense to it.

  4. ENTPs do prefer if people are upfront about their feelings, because they are not always good at guessing other people's feelings.

  5. Why not INFPs then? They're Fi-dom which should make them even colder.

  6. No one laughed at it - the comments were mainly bashing on Gordon. But yes Gordon is very real now.

  7. I would say most of the happy songs come from idol groups like AKB48 - some of them have fast tempo too. Some songs are indeed bittersweet though, but they do have generic love songs too.

  8. Well I think the first question is, do you know that your mother is hurting herself because of you? She may be depressed over other matters, or a combination of them, and you shouldn't assume full responsibility for it without hearing it from her.

  9. It's a complicated question. At first I interpreted it as, would I date my friends? And the answer is yes because I don't really date people whom I don't consider my friends - they have to at least be able to get along as friends before I'll even like them.

  10. Well, animation isn't as big in America as in Japan. (I'm not sure what constitutes a western country any more) if it was as much a part of the culture I'm sure the voice actors would be more well known.

  11. Basically this. A lot of Japanese people don't watch anime and don't know most of the seiyuus.

  12. Taiwan has traditionally been quite big on Japanese pop culture and I think that would include anime too.

  13. I don't put much significance on holidays so it's much easier for me. I also don't think the holiday can only be celebrated on the actual day itself. I celebrate birthdays with my partners not on the actual day most of the time, but just a day that's close to it and convenient for both of us. What matters is what you do during the time you are both together.

  14. Many students are lazy but do well in class. I think what matters more is that the student is a good person and is willing to listen to my advice. Even the rude student is also okay as long as they're not actively spiteful.

  15. As a straight woman, I am fond of linking gravure videos to my also straight boyfriends and talking about it in general. It's fine to appreciate adult content. I find porn a bit distasteful for myself but also have no issues with my partners enjoying them.

  16. Human bodies are gross, I pick floating orb with personality.

  17. That happens to me a lot too, and it's hard to stop because we so badly want somebody to listen to us, right? Maybe the next time before you vent, ask if it's a good time for them and if they're okay with listening right now?

  18. I'm a straight woman dating 2 straight men. 1 of my partners is dating 2 other straight women. No one is romantically interested in their metas. In fact, we practise parallel polyamory so we don't really see the metas much at all. I think it works much better this way and has less drama, and we have our own individual freedom to pursue our respective relationships in the way we want to.

  19. One of my best friends is an INTP and honestly I think the secret to it is to be patient and give her time to naturally open up on her own. She typically takes years to really open up to a person and I don't force her or anything. We just have chill conversations about our interests and I don't make a big deal of anything or create drama.

  20. I usually get relief on the day of my period, but somehow the PMDD feeling returns again near the end, like on the fifth day onwards, and goes on for a few days. Right now I'm on my sixth day and feeling kinda depressed.

  21. No I usually find them more attractive after I know them well and they let me into their inner world, which is often richer and more varied than what it seems at first.

  22. It really bugs me when people pussyfoot around actually asking me for what they want. I understand that it's a way to be "polite" by giving someone an "out" by not directly asking. But man, I am tired of trying to read between the lines of all your hints. Fe is terrible about it

  23. As an Fe-dom, I genuinely get that, and so I try my best to be clear with everyone. I want everyone to know precisely where they stand with me and what I need them to do.

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