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  1. Amazing song, I gotta check out more stuff from this band!!

  2. Fuckin hell that fox is obese

  3. For some reason it's even more hilarious without the bottom text

  4. Ler förföriskt och viskar sexigt "Vad sägs om lite... svennebanan?" ;)

  5. I would rather have it for Hate Dancin' so we got more music videos for different tracks. But sounds fun.

  6. Not a bad idea but I was thinking since Ice-V is so long, it has room for more contributions

  7. nothing stopping you from asking people to send clips to an email and then putting them together yourself 👀 sounds like a fun project

  8. Hey that's also a good idea, but I think someone else has to lead the project since I don't know shit about video editing lol

  9. I think he got the idea to Eye In The Sky when feeling threatened by the surveillance cameras in the casino

  10. Listened to this album today, and I can say that I really recommend putting it on while ice skating

  11. Rubriken är dock "Han heter Kim-Jong Sexy Glorious Beast", du syftar på ingressen

  12. Jag antar att 11 i slutet av hans namn är hans födelseår

  13. I think I'll have to pick Orange Peel + Amayadori. It's just inexplicably beautiful, like you find yourself lost in a rainy forest but the rain is warm and good spirits are singing to you and leading you on your way home.

  14. Alla barnen tittade in i ugnen utom Knut

  15. Alla barnen var glada utom Tindra, hennes smärta gick inte att lindra

  16. Alla barnen gjorde smarta investeringar, utom

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