1. They are just legit sticking to a couple 2018 snippets and not putting anything experimental recently. Apart from HaHa, Psycho, & Phony, they are not that interesting

  2. It’s time for greatness man, so happy to see this. I’ve really been rooting for Keed as my favorite in YSL and would love to see how good this album is 🥹🔥

  3. what's the point in posting any snippets in general if skis not shown

  4. Future and (old) asap rocky are probably the most influential rappers to fashion in the modern rap culture. I remember when future was like the first person to rock the, i think, balenciaga speed trainers

  5. Wireless festival is even better. Carti, uzi, ken, destroy lonely all in one day then Travis the next day .

  6. The intro went insane but the rest of the album was pretty mid except for a few songs like Halo. The Chief Keef feature could’ve been so much better.

  7. You And Me, No Charm, Texas, Back On Dat Act, Dog Food, Run It Up, Issa Dub, All Day, Celine, King Tut, Get It Up, James Bond, Money

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