1. Picked these up few weeks ago, super underrated shoe one of my favorites in the collection and got em for a solid price( you can probably pick em up for around 200 maybe a little more)

  2. Nice win bro, i was prayin for the olives yesterday i had 10k tickets in and still took the L

  3. Just literally sharing on FB, insta, etc etc? I’ve been doing the spaces everyday and don’t have anything close to 10k haha

  4. Share the tickets that pop up on the home page and just do share other, if you close the pop up right away it counts so just keep repeating that

  5. I feel bad for anyone who pays their hard earned cash to watch this shit. Even if adam had the baddest bitches of all time on here i could still never watch it. But man is that bitch actually repulsive, he must’ve found her on skid row

  6. Im convinced the word “drip” to blazzy just means wearing the most outrageously stupid fits and see if itll pass as drip

  7. If they dropped glitched 3 pt simmons in season 2 that would officially mark the end of me playing the mode

  8. Man i have nightmares about running into this lineup in unlimited😭😭

  9. Not really cus if ad was to leave NJ rn that be a big drop in NJ fans otherwise I feel ad can stand on his own with his own channel

  10. Only reason he got any type of audience on his own channel is bc adam and no jumper so it is definitely mutual

  11. Bro I literally just finished the challenges for him, played 1 triple threat game and was so disappointed

  12. Gameplay is great(on next gen atleast) my only issues are the boring ass mycareer storyline and it costing 400k+ to max out a player

  13. Im usually not one to hate… But this episode was not it i had to stop watching after like 20 mins

  14. Ah no its a small bag. The black thing under it is my wallet. They should be around 1.5/2g’s as 🔌said

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