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  1. "MonkeyMoon doesnt make mistakes, just happy little accidents :)"

  2. Nope, both teams are currently 2-1

  3. A star in the Milky Way, not a galaxy

  4. I’ve been out all day so can someone confirm - does Moist need to win 2 BO7s since Falcons is in the upper and Falcons just need to win 1 BO7?

  5. Prejump 50/50 in the air against oKhalid??? Vatira is crazy

  6. For that last series I have to pick Vatira, he is just on another level

  7. Is that a decal or paint finish Caard is using for that design? (and either way what's it called)

  8. Its a paint finish called Flannel I believe

  9. Now thats a great Interview, thanks for posting :)

  10. I see what you mean, but personally I enjoy it. It just feels like a ‘real‘ sports event with lots of stuff happening at the same time and you try to keep up with as much as possible :)

  11. Is it just me or are they pronouncing Ahmad somewhat strange?

  12. It's day 5 and they still don't have the player names and cameras in the same order...

  13. Im pretty sure it‘s because the names are alphabetical, but the cameras are fixed to the seats, which mostly dont match up

  14. I don’t know much about queso, from what I understand they performed well in EU this split and vatira is their top player?

  15. Yeah thats pretty much the consensus here. Vatira can truly pop off sometimes and Queso are a rather chaotical team overall

  16. Why are faze and detonator still on stage? Am I missing something? Been on the other stream

  17. Firstkiller apparently has a problem with his monitor. The game is 7 - 1 with 20 sec left tho xD

  18. Über Pathologic hab ich auch schon viel Gutes gehört, also wenn es sonst keiner haben will nehme ich es gerne :)

  19. I just noticed that its the same for BDS, Vitality and Shopify

  20. And they deserve every bit of it :D

  21. Is there a video of Dig comms like this? I've never seen it and after last night's impression I really want to

  22. Just in 1s. The mmr for other gamemodes is usually higher

  23. Someone tried to do this for 17 hours idk who was it

  24. As far as I know it‘s impossible to pick them up if they aren‘t in your reach

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