Megathread: FBI Reportedly Discovers Classified Documents in Monday's Raid on Mar-a-Lago

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  1. I’ve been conditioned to think nothing will come of this

  2. Imagine a giant blender coming straight for you at supersonic speed

  3. Former Browns Fan and Kap supporter. I'm officially done with the NFL. I'm out.

  4. Kinda hard when they are nixing outside voting booths and dems have to drive an hour just to vote...

  5. Overcome whatever hurtles the bastards put in front of you and get your vote in.

  6. IANAL but I think you can buy a kid's lunchbox without having a kid.

  7. I'm flying into Fresno next month to go to Sequoia/Kings Canyon. I assume this is the dispensary I should hit up between the airport and the national park?

  8. No gate keeping? Just an observation about the different ways people take meaning from something. Never said it was a bad thing to be super loud and proud of an accomplishment. That's just something you've read into this that wasn't there.

  9. You are being disingenuous. The point of this meme is to make fun of the thing in 3rd place because they are celebrating something they don't deserve.

  10. If that's how you want to see it, I can't change your mind.

  11. That's the way it was intended to me seen. Any backpeddling now can't change that.

  12. Ignore that guy. He lives in one of the most beautiful places on earth but is a miserable bastard who thinks others should not be allowed to see it for themselves.

  13. For some reason I never knew dill relish existed until I was like 30 years old. The concept sounds disgusting to me. I don't know why.

  14. It's just regular dill pickles that are diced instead of sliced or whole.

  15. I know. It's a me problem. Someone put them in something where I was expecting sweet relish and it scarred me.

  16. Put it on the poll, Guillermo...is there anything worse than expecting one taste but getting another?

  17. I mean he’s not wrong? He isn’t opposed to LGBTQ or drag and said nothing that would indicate he is, he just said he doesn’t want sexuality force fed to children… seems like a pretty fair take.

  18. No one is "force feeding" LGBTQ sexuality to children. They are merely teaching LGBTQ acceptance. The "force feeding sexuality to children" is a bullshit lie to refute the LGBTQ lifestyle...and it is usually draped in meathead religious bullshit.

  19. Okay so why is this sub Reddit trying to cancel Luis for opposing sexuality being forced on kids? It sounds like you agree.

  20. Listen. You seem to be new to camping and dog ownership. So, a few things I don't think you're considering:

  21. Hey, we can disagree but I'm not going to report anyone until they do something legit stupid/shady. You just went for the low-effort response. That ain't a reportable offense from me.

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