1. At one point Bear Grylls offered Zelenskyy a drink from his canteen. Wisely, Zelenskyy declined.

  2. It can fly at 125 kmph (80 mph) and has a 70 km (45 mile) range. It can carry 180 kg (28 stone or 400 lb). More than capable for a wide range of uses in the battlefield.

  3. I don't really know what price point is cheap or expensive with them tbh but I have an Instant (pot) Vortex dual and it is phenomenal. It has 2 drawers which cook independently. That was important here because I have 3 kids and wanted to try and move away from using the oven in the current energy climate. With a dual you can do say... chicken thighs in one and roasted veg in the other at the same time. You can even program it so it all finishes at the same time.

  4. We have a microwave oven, big enough to roast a chicken. We (almost) never use our main oven. How does it compare? Is it still worth getting an air fryer too?

  5. I love this painting, there is a horse (and an association) that visit last stage cancer patient in hospital:

  6. I'm not sure if it's the same horse but this made me think of this the other day too

  7. I’ve never had mashed potato or bread sauce on Christmas Day. I’ve always hated that Christmas dinner is usually a lunch time thing as well I’ve never been in the mood to eat a huge roast at 12/1pm I don’t know why my family insist on it!

  8. I've had mashed swede loads but never mashed spuds for a roast dinner.

  9. Exactly. He says "they are fascists" then proceeds to talk like a fascist Nazi.

  10. Sounds like they say Bakhmut at 0:15 and 0:30. Then Lysychans'k at 0:55. But I don't speak Ukrainian and might be hearing things.

  11. IIRC, 'flammable' became commonly used because people kept thinking that 'inflammable' meant fireproof.

  12. AFAIK the terms are the other way round, you see "flammable" warnings on products/containers here in the UK. The words are from Latin: inflammare (“to cause to catch fire”) and flammare (“to catch fire”).

  13. It’s a Eurasian Great Tit, Tits our equivalent of chickadees, feel free to crack some jokes with the name, us U.K. birdwatchers have been doing it for years.

  14. These lads love Great Tits and Great Tits love them along with their Great Balls of Steel. There I said it.

  15. It's fine there's no music, all I can hear is fortunate son playing in my head as I watched this.

  16. Sounded like some heavy bass coming from inside the helicopter

  17. My lecturer for computer systems security was employed by a bank to test their network security. He and his postdoc students successfully compromised 5 of the 6 branches they attacked not by hacking but by printing out name tags with a printer brand, rocking up to the branch in work overalls and saying the printer sent an automated message that it needed servicing and could they have access to a computer to check it.

  18. Same when I studied Comp Sci; it's called Social Engineering.

  19. In my experience most maths was concerned in the area of

  20. Every Ukranian soldiers is assigned with one woodland creature or spirit animal it seems. They casually walk into a forest and all the animals flock to them with lil birdies flying around their heads in circles like Disney movies lol

  21. Python will get you to were you think you want to get. Experience will teach you cyber security

  22. I always recommend Python to anyone who wants to learn programming. It's by far the simplest language to start with, and has all the features needed to appreciate a language like C# later on.

  23. Sketchy's an understatement. Coordinated looting of the country by the elites.

  24. Exactly, hedge funders shorting the pound to get rich at the expense of an entire country. Getting sacked is an insult. He and his buddies should be sued by the state and locked up.

  25. Probably had to have them at the bottom because of the windows.

  26. Kinda reminds me of Hitlers stupidity to target the City of London instead of RAF airfield during the Battle of Britain thus giving the RAF time to consolodate and build up.

  27. The flat appearance is probably from cladding. The "bricks" are likely just a couple cms deep and stuck on a sheet. Quick, cheap, and tacky constuction.

  28. I think the Special Forces saboteurs waited specifically for this train to go on the bridge, or maybe they had the charges on the train itself. These trains usually carry massive amounts of hazmat liquids, like corrosives, flammables, etc, etc. Definitely amplified the damage. Great job to them!

  29. Definitely. When you see the explosion go off there seemed to be loads of small white shards. It's when those hit the side of the train carts that they seemed ignite the fuel tanks.

  30. Looks like an anti-materiel rifle, possibly a KSVK 12.7?

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