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3-year-old Ryker Webb survived the Montana wilderness alone for two days. He was found in a shed two miles from his home. Authorities say he was very lucky considering the Bull Lake Valley, where he was found was home to many Mountain Lions and Bears.

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  1. https://giphy.com/gifs/xdnytp8742kg0

  2. Projectiles currently float up and then form constellations, but I’m curious to see what happens if you try it at the end of KF

  3. Tried it, same results as shooting it anywhere else

  4. Unfortunately for them the slow hang won’t snap their necks so they’d just slowly strangle

  5. Currently suffering through it, i looked through the

  6. For the electric hallway in Fallen SABRE you can spam jump to move very fast while carrying the orb, I think it's much faster than sliding.

  7. I find it’s easiest to just throw down to turrets on different openings in the mid while you zig zag the ball down the feild

  8. I start tAlKinG LiKe ThIs after multiple wipes on the same encounter

  9. I'm the guy who learns one job, gets good at that job, and only ever does that job.

  10. Still dont know how to run during Templar due to this lol

  11. Another fun option is the titan exotic glaive. Casting your super inside the bubble helps focus the damage nicely :)

  12. I was really interested in the build a few months ago but I couldn’t figure out how to get the damn bubble from the glaive to work

  13. Shoot with the glaive until guard energy is full. Hold reload to load the bubble shot. Then shoot it.

  14. How many shots does it usually take, 4 right? And yeah I was trying to use it on rivens foot but without it I still do insane damage

  15. We never once used Thundercrash or icarus dash to get to steal the brand. We just moved the whole group to the left when the knight spawned on the left.

  16. Bruh you’re so lame to complain about this

  17. I don't get it. What's the facepalm about this?

  18. I’m confused too brother, I think it’s because of its name

  19. Probably the faction exotic ornaments from year 1 or the sagira shell for me. Although I recently got Riven’s Bane and I can’t see myself taking that off anytime soon

  20. I'm at 225 and still can't craft a calus mini

  21. If I’m not wrong just use the opulent keys on their respective chests as they only drop opulent weapons such as the mini tool

  22. And expeditions get very fun after spamming them right. While also fighting for kills with other guardians. Totally doesn't become automatic after a while

  23. Umm, are you the guy that locked it horizontally to the bike rack?

  24. I was just scrolling hoping I’d find this thanks you

  25. For more information in case any one’s wondering,

  26. Petras run through lfg. Took 3 days but I’m so happy I stuck it out

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