1. Everyone operates off of a bartering system as long as you have a gun... I don't see what's there to not understand...

  2. Well no, but there's a canon reason for that, and he's not physically there

  3. What server was it, do you remember? I don't often play outside of like, three servers I frequent

  4. Beginner beatdown or Guilty Gear Strive Casual, those are the two servers I frequently play in. My username is DoveInProgress

  5. I hate to be that guy, but missed opportunity to say "What in tarnation?" instead of "What the devil?"

  6. Okay, this one definitely took me the longest by far, but it seemed well worth it. I have a little bit of trouble with the perspective on this one, and I'm not sure if the glasses are sitting right. Which one do you guys prefer?

  7. Nice work as always, these are always fun to see and imagine being used in MUGEN or something similar

  8. Oh! You’re here early! Haha must be because of the mention. The post is still awaiting mod approval- I guess that’s a little loophole haha

  9. I tried my best to make Faust look threatening with the larger patches of black outlines but I think he just ended up... cute.. Might redo him eventually. I think Ram was alright, but so far I think I like Millia the best. Next up is probably Chaos or Pot.

  10. Just a suggestion, but it would be a neat detail if you styled Chaos's like Akechi's (they share the same eng va)

  11. Thank you much. Are reversals the same thing? And are they generally a bad idea on wakeup?

  12. True reversals are usually DPs or other invincible moves on startup, like a lot of supers for example. If you have a reversal like this, it can be useful to take your turn back on wakeup, but your opponent will know this and most certainly try to bait it out by faking a meaty or using a safejump. The mindgame of it is is to use your reversals sparingly so that you'll catch the opponent off guard since you don't use them often.

  13. Ok but doing DP on wakeup everytime is really funny

  14. You click on the video and it's The Disaster of Passion on loop for four hours

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