1. she's in denial of her feelings for him. big no.

  2. Why do they ALWAYS have the sort of nose-rings that were designed to stop pigs grubbing in the ground

  3. those piercings have been on people for 1000s of years, it's not like alt culture looked at pigs wearing em and decided to take a page out of that book. they just weren't adopted by european culture for a while.

  4. It's not the actual piercing I was commenting on: what I was drawn to was that all of the kids in these videos appear to be getting ready from the same dress-up box. Hair/makeup/piercings - heck, even the background items are usually similar.

  5. I agree with that entire assessment but it reads like you're coming at the piercings themselves in your initial comment

  6. semi srs lol that song lives dormant in my brain and every time someone mentions RAM it's all i can hear

  7. Love the eyeshadow. Where is the bra from?

  8. Playful promises and the brand is Bettie page lingerie!

  9. With. also, i'm sorry, but those shorts are not flattering. they're too tight, you have camel toe, they crease oddly where your thigh meets your pelvis, and the proportion of their high-rise to high short they are is weird. I love the shirt, hoodie, sneakers, and socks. Denim shorts would go really well with the outfit, it's just that those ones aren't the most flattering.

  10. Better than Schwartz. That sums it up. I always thought she was too good for James, but he has a certain Rico Suave thing going on. So say the ladies who find him attractive.

  11. while it is impressive and great to work full time and cook full meals, NONE of that is difficult to make.

  12. i HATE the co-opting of the already questionable tiktok trend of "this is your sign to buy x thing!" no, it's not a 'sign', beyond the sense that it is a form of literal signage. But it's not a sign from the universe, it's literally an advertisement that they paid for me to see. it's so shitty.

  13. finally an outfit that really truly suits her

  14. skims would be so much more iconic if kim stopped doing reality tv and just let stuff like this happen with her brand. rosalia for skims was amazing.

  15. crash course in how not to style that dress

  16. This is how I know they have no real friends in the inner circle. Someone should’ve told them to stop the butthole pout lips

  17. even if someone wanted to tell them no one would because kourtney would say something incredibly bitchy and/or overreact

  18. i am begging her to stop making that face

  19. I made this outfit at the weekend after seeing something similar (and rather expensive) in a catalogue

  20. i think you achieved your goal! i'd say it's a bit more dreamy than the average 70s boho style (i personally tend to associate earth tones with that style) but I think in terms of silhouette and color coordination and pattern mixing you totally pulled it off. also, it's very beautiful and looks very high-end.

  21. I love it! It looks like loveshackfancy or something, too.

  22. Daddy was the richest mean in Australia. You're probably right. Most wear and tear her hands have ever seen is a paper cut.

  23. srs haha is this about my thread that i post the other day? i wanted to force men to define sundress since apparently it means one specific, sexy thing that they can't articulate.

  24. srs: Why DOES brightly coloured hair offend men so much????

  25. srs bc they have to consciously confront the fact that they can't construe something as being made for them. even w the fake nails they can still tell themselves it's for them somehow

  26. Gotta appreciate Megan for never doing her body like Kim did/does.

  27. i guess? she did have some work done on her ass, some fat removed from her stomach, and a boob job.

  28. Am I alone in thinking Megan no longer looks good with all the surgery she’s gotten? It’s really ruined her face and gives her a severe, drag look at times. Her nose is especially bad. She was so beautiful 10 years ago, it’s sad.

  29. i miss her original nose :/ it was flawless. her og eyes were way prettier, too.

  30. literally wild how much cooler harry is than her

  31. They always call you "rash" when they realize *they* have made a mistake.

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