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  1. Yeah! I’m planning to make some YouTube video also. I’ll be the second person in my country (Argentina) doing this treatment, so I’m pretty anxious hehe. First person, a friend of mine, had tremendous improvements. He resolved his underbite and got beautiful facial features. Started at 17, now he’s 19. Same doctor will treat me 🤘🏽

  2. Bro have your wisdom teeth erupted yet?? Did wisdom teeth help in closing some gap.

  3. Yeah they erupted and probably lays a part in keeping it together

  4. See i have suicidal thoughts, however sometimes I have the complete opposite and love life. I think its all just balance. Whilist there is bad, there will also be good

  5. The reality is you got to build yourself up, see it as an opportunity to climb the ladder to success.

  6. You got your own thoughts and feelings, we can’t see in the mind of others but just know you are different because you are you and they are them

  7. I feel the same. I’m 20 Turing 21 and I’ve never been in a serious relationship. It’s not that I can’t be but maybe a part of me doesn’t feel good enough or that I’ve still got work to do on myself. I’m not too sure but either way I’ve never really known what it’s like to truly love someone and someone to love you.

  8. Sometimes I be thinking about suicide to relieve the pain, but truth is will only pass it on. You have a reason to live, to keep going. If you can’t do it for yourself just think of your son

  9. This is what women do they build options, but also as a man you too should build options. It’s just how things are in this generation

  10. Usally people who are depressed live a depressing life, if you look at your life from a 3rd person perspective and really try to live a life that is fullfilling. Even just go out into a field and just appreciating life all around. No phone just you and your mind

  11. im starting to learn that i may have a crossbite thats causing my scolosis

  12. is this just proof you should overcome your addiction, dont be too hard as im sure your feelings were all over the place but check out the subreddit

  13. There has been evidence that working out and putting in n muscles does increase face bone density giving you a better look

  14. Truth is you can never overcoming it, it will always be there. But you can control it better. You build up your resistance to saying no and carrying on with your life

  15. I think drunk and hot girls is underrated, the beat is insane

  16. Yeah I went, it was so fun. I ended up becoming the life of the party

  17. I got this right now on my right side, I can hear myself chew really loudly. And keep getting and ringing and blocked feeling I’n my ear but I can still hear out of it

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