1. Family of 6 at my sit down local, usually £80-£90, it’s at least £100 if beers or a couple desserts get ordered.

  2. I’ve gone Watkins over Havertz, guaranteed 90 minute man, better form, more chances, and I think Everton will defend better than Bournemouth.

  3. Is it worth holding Kulusevski? He blanked every match since gw20 and against Nottingham, he subbed in for just 6 mins.

  4. I would sell, a lot of double gameweekers to choose from.

  5. I went to a Dr and all he did was bite my neck!

  6. Chewing gum, walk up to bully, spit gum in hand, use same hand to grab their hair really hard, picky them up by their hair, then scream - stop fucking bullying people! and if you ever touch “so and so” again, I’ll kill you in your sleep. Apparently it works.

  7. I lasted 27 minutes, longer than I lasted with his last effort to be fair.

  8. Drink at least 1 glass of water and eat something before bed. Wake up drink water, ribena, lucazade, have shower. Eat something warm, preferably fatty and salty. Chocolate. Ribena. Optional - alcoholic drink (any point)

  9. I went the majority of weekends for a wild 3/4 years part of my life “Saw some things man” Good times, awesome music! Around 2001ish - 2005ish.

  10. Would you be up for an interview? No cameras just audio, happy for it to literally be a phone call / voice note. It’ll be kept anonymous too

  11. Only time I drink pop is sometimes I like a ribena or lucazade when I’m hungover.

  12. Woolworths , I was young so I mainly remember the pic and mix. Beaties was a Cool toy shop as a kid.

  13. 17000 people have a full bench??

  14. Yep, used to get an eager beaver to the town centre when I was a young un’

  15. Yeah, there was one I caught to Meadowhall back in the day, don’t remember the number though.

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