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  1. Bono. I'm not a fan of U2 personally, but in my opinion, he's the second most talented popular singer behind Freddie Mercury.

  2. I’m surprised & disagree. Bono is average and others like Jim Kerr was much better imo

  3. For anything intensive, such as video editing, RAM is essential & the more you have, the longer your software will work as expected.

  4. I’ve lit a candle in honour of your resilience, brother. It’s easy to get so beaten down you start to doubt your own abilities.

  5. Attach an elastic band across the rows of bottles, so if it opens by accident you don't have bottles everywhere

  6. This happens randomly to me also. And at times I get an error that Qobuz tracks are loading slowly but when I immediately open Qobuz there is no issue playing directly in the Qobuz app or interface.

  7. Having exactly the same experience. Been with Roon for about 4 years, very basic set up. Most frustrating

  8. Nice work. Can anyone remember the reader submitted drawings in the 2000AD annuals? Good times

  9. Mealy bugs. Not to difficult to treat but a serious pain. Gl

  10. Just had a quick search and the limit is 10k songs, 10k albums. A limit is ridiculous regardless of the amount but 1000 is way off from the actual amount

  11. This isn't correct. The liked songs limit is 10K, the block limit is 1K.

  12. Apple TV hardware was recently updated to push paid content & the experience is no longer worth the box cost imo

  13. I agree with this comment. It’s always the same songs that play. I say this as a long term user of Roon

  14. My max headband material is baggy/loose & now irritates my head if wearing them for over 45 mins. Had them for about 18 months. Not the same problem but a different problem

  15. Wicked stepmother vibes. Cats scratch, which is natural & annoying. Hope it works out

  16. i would do temporary fosters but we are moving to another state here in march so it’d just be very very difficult to figure it all out. and i would get a restraining order but i have no other place to stay and my car is very small and not ideal for a place to sleep. as much as id love to be able to get him out im basically living in “his” place as his mom does live here too.

  17. It’s these responses which make me question what advice you were seeking with the info you shared

  18. My tinnitus usually only becomes difficult to tolerate when someone brings up the subject of tinnitus

  19. I’m jealous. My tinnitus is loud whether you guys mention it or not

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