1. Your ENFP has no emotional space for anybody, he gave it all and he's done. Shut down. There's no point explaining what's wrong because everything is wrong. You need to be understanding and help the ENFP get the selfcare they need. Just be there and let them know they're not respecting themselves.

  2. Ok so what do you mean “he’s done”? He’s not communicating at all, so do I remain silent? Do I text him? Do I block him? Like what do I do? I’m use to ppl who either air out shit or those who get over it quickly, Or those who act completely fine! But He’s neither, he’s bizarre, he’s distant uncommunicative emotional, like every issue is the end of it all. He’s so irrational it’s insane and exhausting and most of hella confusing 🤯

  3. Okay, so I don’t want to over step because I don’t have the full context. However, whenever I’m feeling a lot of emotional distress, I usually just want some quiet time. I need to calm myself down first (clear up the storm inside my brain) before I’m ready to deal with what made me feel this way. If I storm off, I don’t want people to follow me. I will come back when I’m ready.

  4. Ok so you don’t have to be in a stable relationship to have sex and produce a human. There it has been explained.

  5. But it’s the south, all babies come from good relationship

  6. So when a man and a woman love eachother….

  7. But even if their prginal text wasn’t a question but a statement?

  8. Idk, people are desperate to have INTJs and ENFPs hook up.

  9. Because Fi is cold by nature. It’s all about the self and protecting the self and it’s illogical so can be dangerous or reckless if not kept in check by Te or Ti. Fi is also keeps feelings hidden unlike Fe so others can never be really sure what Fi user is really feeling.

  10. Fi just means internal emotional awaness. Essentially emotions are a personal thing when Fi is involved and what you and your other intoverted function defiens emotions as.

  11. Fe users are unaware of their own emotions but are aware of others. Fi user are aware of their own emotions but not others, that’s one of the big differences. At the end of the day high Fi users will be careless of harmony and the right thing to do in the absent of another stronger decision making function to mitigate shit during conflict or charged situations

  12. Wtf? Fi is the least selfish function. We might be the most logical feeling type… strong Te, but generally not cold. In fact, I’m a little cold due to life circumstances and people are always surprised to learn I’m ENFP because I’m not as warm.

  13. Trust me you may not know this but how you come across to the world on the outside and how you are inside are starkly different. You come across very bubbly, sweet, harmless ball of all things sunshine, but inside you are anything but lol. And sometimes the mask slips in moments of disagreements and you truly see how frighteningly cold you guys can be.

  14. All the ones I know are warm cuddly friendly bears, they can have bad moods, but cold?

  15. Yeah inside they’re colder than they appear. Trust me I studied and asked few in-depth. Ppl generally tend to project outwardly something different than what’s at the core inside. Just like how INTPS come across cold but are big softies inside.

  16. Wait, it sounds like you're describing the most primal core of the human condition. This can be applied to anyone regardless of type. I mean if you only replace your ENTP with 'women' in your answer above it might even pass as the best argument an INCEL can come up with. It's not a valid argument.

  17. I know are/were very much people who could help others deal with trauma, people with enormous empathy, people who could hold relationships together, matchmakers

  18. Whether you would like to be employed for monetary wages or in-kind wages or volunteer your hours, that's your decision.

  19. i highly recommend not doing both together, especially if you threw up from your first drink and it's likely you might throw up again. you'll likely spend two hours on the toilet having the urge to puke but not being able to, at least that's what mixing those substances together did for me.

  20. Thanks! Appreciate the input! Won’t combine the two 🙏

  21. Just know this... if you're gonna mix alcohol & weed.... make your movements short and sweet. Too much moving around will have you throwing up or catching a legit migraine. Make sure to drink plenty of WATER to avoid these things.

  22. What u got should not get you overly high, the CBD should help your anxiety. Giving that you do have high anxiety, I think you made the right choice to start out with. Just stay away from high THC products, especially certain high THC sativa's, which can cause anxiety and even panic attacks if your high anxiety to begin with. Just take it slow.

  23. Yeah I didn’t get really high. It was more body high and just eating a lot lol

  24. Just take it slow. Over do it then get a sweet snack and some water then take a nap. If nervous it's not a bad idea to have a buddy around but you'll very likely be alright.

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