1. These bananas are well read and embrace their faith with a hitchhikers quote. I think...

  2. But we need a second even bigger AI to figure out what the actual prompt is

  3. I'm honestly surprised that DALL-e can even understand a reference like this.

  4. dont blow the cover brother, obviously it can't but maybe it does understand now, took some force-feeding🤫

  5. I was mildly infuriated with the (lacking of) smell. Because of the small tent I had to take some lower flowering branches and I just put them in my guppy tank. Maybe they'll root. Next day my room smelled like an Amsterdam coffeeshop. Because of 3 small branches in the open. It was just my new carbon filter doing its job.

  6. This is a beautiful animal. But there's no transparency in it's teeth or are ther more rows we cannot see

  7. Damn! Could you explain your harvest and cure technique? Those buds look amazing!

  8. Thnx! I waited to the very end of the flower and dried the plant upside down for a week or two in a tent. Then I cut of all the buds and stashed them in a big pot. With care. Every few days I rearranged the buds. Nothing special. But the flower is very protected like this. The odeur en crystals are prominent. This is a proper way of curing but it requires more space.

  9. I mean its not really 'doing it yourself' is it? its telling an AI program to make a composition based on artworks it has been provided(often without artists permission) that are similar to the prompt.

  10. It's a tool, a new way to make images. I remember this discussion with music / sampling. This is a similar development bur another discipline. You can reject it. But ai is here to stay.

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