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  1. What happen to his/her eye ? I seen the other picture he/she still had both ?

  2. ^^which is exactly what you hope for and expect from a vape cart in the medical marijuana program

  3. They can't, legally. Are you thinking of Delta-8 THC?

  4. Oh maybe I am I just never had bought a pen that had any type of delta so I thought I had bought a pen like they sell at the smoke shop lol

  5. I gotcha, the newer labels now specify which type of THC is in the product.

  6. Ah ok thxs for the info and that’s cool we’ll I feel better about my purchase now blue dream is my all time favorite so for the 30 percent off deal at POW 38 for a gram I couldn’t resist

  7. I know this is long lol sorry but he’s right^ that’s what I was trying to say I was just stoned haha. So overall if you’re constipated go with high or low thc (just depends on you) and high cbd, and if you have diarrhea go with high thc and low or no cbd. Stay away from cartridges made out of metal or that are distillate. Only get carts made out of ceramic, and try to go with live resin or rosin. I know it’s more expensive but I swear you’ll only use half as much so it’s actually more cost effective. Cartridges and regular dabs seem to have a much LESSER medicating effect for my stomach issues (IBS-M/Non Ulcerative Dyspepsia). But strangely, cartridges seem to do better than dabs. I smoke flower daily and wax maybe once or twice a week as well as edibles once or twice a week MAX. If you smoke only dabs, carts, or eat mostly edibles, they’re going to quickly have a lessening medicating effect on your stomach. I have no idea why but the only thing that will help my stomach EVERY time is flower. Maybe try only using your cart to medicate once per day max, edibles once or twice a week, dabs a few times a week, and fill all the rest of your medicating times in with flower. (Assuming you’re consuming everyday) If not maybe just try a balance of like 60% flower, 30% ceramic live cartridges, and 5% of each edibles and dabs. It’s going to greatly benefit your tolerance. Not just how high you get, but how much the medicine actually helps your symptoms.

  8. Thxs for all this info too really helps and I’m glad u have something similar if not exactly what I have makes for easy convo lol. I’m Deff gonna try the liven resin carts see if I notice a difference I have taken a break from wax and vapes today cause my system was just bad today so I’m gonna see how I feel in the morning. It’s my first break in a year from no vapes and wax. Also sadly I have been smoking the distillate carts for atleast a year and I do smoke flower daily but since here recently (a year to be exact) I’ve been going to Michigan to purchase meds. cause u know u can get more bang for your buck, (don’t get me wrong I do still buy from Ohio just smoked some lemon dosi do to help calm my system and it’s Deff helping.) so anyways, I shared in the dabs and vapes alot more daily since going to Michigan. Now ediblies are about the only thing I do in moderations, only cause their either gone super fast or they upset my stomach for like days. either constipation or diarrhea so regardless I’m forced to have to do it in moderations. Though this is the first time I have bad stuff happening from what I believe is my vape and wax use. because this is honestly the first time I had lots of it to my avail. And since my new job. wax and vapes are easier to use than flower.

  9. That’s prob the best close up a lot I’ve been seeing has all clear crystals which is not what u want u want that as ember as possible

  10. The tiers for flower went away not the actual day system. You can still run out of your days.

  11. It’s watermelon cake it’s good but I’ve honestly have had some deep fried apples at more than half the cost and stronger thc and flavor personally I’ve had wedding cake, icc, and now watermelon cake so far icc is still winning it was a little bit of a let down good flavor and wicked buzz but to pricey for me I’m glade I got to try it though

  12. This stuff is GOOD. I have had it in flowerand oil form, and the saste and effects are one of the best Grow Ohio has. I am about to go get the double pack of oil syringes frommy local store in about ten minutes.

  13. Idk what these people are talking about, cherry 🍒 dosidos from meigs are the whip! They got a half ounce right now at sf Columbus that would blow minds. It’s 14 November 21 and about 4 months ago everything changed with meigs. They are a top 3 contender now…

  14. Damn really I might have to try them out I know like a year ago I always read bad things about them

  15. So I’m really bad at rolling so I have to make the cone first then stuff it and it’s just so much easier for me to just do that and lather the stuffed j with some warm rosin and stick the kief to that.

  16. Sweet I’m down for that now if they can just lower down there prices to like 100 150 an oz/ 25 gs wax/ 10 gs of kief and 100 mg for 5 to 10 bucks then we’d be in business

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