1. Monkfruit with erythrotol is just like sugar with no aftertaste. Not sure if it works for caramelization though.

  2. I experimented with caramelization. It worked fine.

  3. The things he has to do because you keep stalking him.

  4. If it is a 10mm, you have a secret admirer.

  5. You look like the personification of a Dr. Seuss side character.

  6. I was just caught up thinking about how terrifyingly strong and dexterous an insect would have to be to get through your skull without you noticing.

  7. And now we're going have a couple of happy little queefs.

  8. Yes, and the fact that it is louder than any other person in the course. I am doing bits and parts of seven languages, and it is as annoying as Howie Mandel doing Little Bobby in every single one of them.

  9. I hope you manage to construct yourself a neck, Chief Running Dumbass.

  10. So I assume, you're blaming the heat in Louisiana for the lesbian haircut?

  11. Looks like your Aspergers has Aspergers.

  12. Well, she looked like she was riding a chicken, no matter what.

  13. Don't you have a purse or clutch or something. For men, pockets are all we got. Oh, and yes, we scratch our balls discretely, as other people have pointed out.

  14. There's Waldo! (Sorry I assumed your gender.)

  15. My teeth started chipping in my twenties due to chewing my nails. I can’t imagine what this will do to her.

  16. It really doesn't do a whole lot. I used to do a similar trick in the Army and in college where I would rip the top off a can like this. Once you puncture the can with one of your bottom canines, you just rotate the can and there isn't much resistance. I can still do it and my teeth haven't degraded at all.

  17. Is there a YouTube video to reference for this. Seems like a skill set I need to have in my grab bag

  18. Was looking for one for ya, but couldn't find one. There is this, though:

  19. Dollars, which is in small white font - not boxes sold.

  20. But the title of the graphic is popularity based on boxes sold, not by revenue. Seems an error.

  21. 70s? I'm sure that bush is legen- ...wait for it...-dary!

  22. When the part about your life that you think is interesting is that you have asthma. I'm sure you play the accordion or something.

  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do9xPQHI9G0

  24. It's like the Mjollnir of buttplugs. Only the worthy can wield it.

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