Sopranos in Cincinnati

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  1. 30 days each. What a slap on the wrist. How insulting. Domestic terrorism should carry a much longer sentence. Fucking free everyone in jail for weed NOW.

  2. Thank you. I’m really into jobs In Detroit, work, organized labor. I know you said he had his normal Career as a Teacher back home. So whatever it is, even if it was just some kind of side work or he came up to help organize Teachers into the Union. I love hearing any story about Detroit and what kind of work they did here. I’m an absolute Nerd about that lol.

  3. I just left seeing my Granny and I asked her:)

  4. Very cool. Thank you for taking the time to find out for me. That’s pretty cool I wonder what he did Im an IBEW Union Electrician here in Detroit and my uncle was an Electrician at GM before me. Well when I first started my apprenticeship gave me an old Electricians tool pouch from General Electric (GE). It was passed down to my Uncle from a Electrician he worked under. The from him to me and I still use it to this day.

  5. That is awesome! Thank you for sharing! I know after that year he worked at Wright Pat Airforce Bace close to Dayton, Ohio and feel in love with it. But my Granny did tell me that he said it was a wild time 😂😂

  6. Oh! And just a heads up... DO NOT AGREE TO ANY TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS! 🤣

  7. I’m in Ohio and sadly, it’s all true. We used to be purple, people. A swing state. The counties with the “big cities” in them and colleges and universities vote blue. Everything else is RED as far as the eye can see with barns that have roofs decorated with confederate flags and highway billboards telling you “useful” things like, “ HELL IS REAL” and “ABORTION IS MURDER,” you know, stuff like that just in case you didn’t already know…..😟🫣😑😬🙃

  8. It makes me sad as an Ohioan. It wasn't always like that either.

  9. I know. Me too. I’ve lived in southwest Ohio my entire life and it’s different now. So partisan, divided, and mean spirited in any attempt to discuss politics in a calm and earnest way. It wasn’t always like this.

  10. It makes me sad-I also live in that part of the state as well. You can hardly have any type of conversation about anything because some people will either blame whatever it is you are talking about thr Dems, guys or the media. But then you find the few people that are still kind but it's far and few.

  11. Instead of hoods it's just red hats, that awful blonde box color and self tanner.

  12. I loved pound puppies when I was a kiddo :)

  13. Yes! It really messes with me in social situations, especially at work. I am working with a therapist to overcome it. It's a work in progress but I am working on it l.

  14. And that is why I'll never disclose to an employer.

  15. I had a boss ask me once why I needed a day off and I told him that I had this giant black hair coming out of my nipple and needed it checked out. Did not have the hair on my nipp but he never asked why I needed to take a day off the rest of my work adventure when k was there lol

  16. I can help with some of the hate for Marion's...

  17. Here in Cincinnati we have a ton of rain and wind...lots of wind.

  18. Power better not go out. Already had a couple flickers. Wind is nuts right now.

  19. Ours did too. I just want power but I got a ton of work done 🙌

  20. My husband asked me this morning, "If money were no object and you didn't have to work, would you collect things or what would you do?" And I told him' "I would volunteer somewhere that I can take care of animals or something because I love them and I hate sitting still!

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