1. He was on the path for corruption long before he found the blade. It was how he felt, his ego, and his drive for perfection, which was the real cause.

  2. As long as you ignore the part in 'Fulgrim' where the Laer Daemon flat out tells Horus that Fulgrim would have never joined him if it wasn't for the Daemon.

  3. Fulgrims character is annoying inconsistent in my opinion. The best example of this is the whole daemon debacle. Like the idea of him only being traitor because he was actually possessed and trapped in a painting was such a cool concept but then they suddenly go “nope. In fact he’s got his body back now and he’s suddenly totally down with this whole Slaanesh business”

  4. That's a problem endemic to a lot of Primarch's writing and really the entire HH series. Fulgrim got off easy, his writing problems can largely be solved by removing one Novella.

  5. From Left to Right: Archorian, Cyrius, Iddinam, Abdemon, Vespasian, and Eidolon

  6. And because I know I'll never hear the end of it if I don't:

  7. Please give us a stand-alone picture of Fulgrim like this. Best boi is looking amazing

  8. https://twitter.com/HawtDawg65/status/1613373168361836546/photo/1

  9. Is there a place to read all of these in one place easily? I would love it if I was able

  10. Fulgrim looks like he’s about celebrate following his victory of Austerlitz.

  11. "I've been in this position before at the Cleansing of Laeran, I lost the battle at 5 o'clock, BUT I WON IT BACK AGAIN AT SEVEN!"

  12. False primarch you say? Lore call back or something more?

  13. Small criticism/question. Why is Nina drawn so masculine. Her waist to hip ratio makes her look like a man. Kind reminds me of how Michelangelo did paint his women. Was it a conscious decision (e.g. artstyle) or smth more unconscious?

  14. She's wearing a shirt made for an Astartes, it's a little big on her.

  15. Because that's an easy way to make an enemy out of the entire rest of the Imperium.

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