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I'm buying what you're selling

  1. hook goes in strike plate or door jam?

  2. Also don't let the tool stick out any further from the collet than necessary

  3. Make sure the chime box just rings when it should, that it is not stuck On all the time

  4. That was my main issue. The first chime box dinged and started humming loudly before melting. I purchased a new chime box and wired it up, a few moments later it also started humming so I unplugged it. Is there something that I am doing incorrect causing it to hum and burn up?

  5. Yes it should only draw power momentarily when it needs to actually chime. You have a short in the wiring somewhere

  6. Drill it out and run a tap thru to clean up the existing threads. Anything else is a fire hazard

  7. It's limescale that traps pigments and particles, and it was invisible because it's white. Any acidic cleaner that removes limescale and rust will make it shine (and not scratch it like abrasives retards ITT that never cleaned baths and ceramic/marble sinks properly are recommending)

  8. Soap scum is alkaline, so why would an alkaline cleaner help?

  9. I'm new to 0DTE, so please be nice. So you sell them to realize the gains or how do you profit when you by a call and it expires? Are they cash-settled?

  10. I suggest reading investopedia until you get too bored or too smart to trade options

  11. Yes, probably where the dishwasher drain connects to the sink drain backed up. It is ok to run it, either select the drain cycle or start it normally then cancel the cycle to get it to drain.

  12. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-1-2-in-Sink-Drain-Pipe-Plastic-Slip-Joint-Nut-with-Rubber-Reducing-Washers-C2698C/205154062

  13. They are cut off till they do. Why would you work for free and let them rack up a tab? Pick an amount once exceeded on arrears, not more work

  14. Well I agree. I unfortunately don't run things. The two worst are the only two my dad can do work for without learning something new.....

  15. Then call them and ask for payment. They know they owe you and the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It is a game all company's play. Also send an invoice every month as a reminder. Be proactive

  16. I had them, they suck! Try some vitamin B12. You need to focus on something else when you feel then coming on. Force your mind to think of anything good and really concentrate.

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