1. Yup time to make them sell if they were covering up criminal activity.

  2. Obligatory fuck Dallas, but yes, Brob is the fucking goat. Glad to see people recognizing his story. I agree, I’d also be laid up a lot longer than this tough son of a bitch was.

  3. If you’re ring hunting (not saying he is, but he could be), wouldn’t you join a team with the better chance of winning the Super Bowl? AKA the Bills? I’m a Washington fan, so fuck Dallas, but bias aside I would definitely be picking Buffalo.

  4. That's like those cringe baseball caps I used to see in the Bay Area that would have A's on one side, and Giants on the other. Also saw a few people with 49ers/Raiders caps like that, but not nearly as many.

  5. I can relate though. Growing up my Dad was a huge Washington fan (still is) so my heart bleeds burgundy and gold. On the other hand, I live in upstate NY, so I love watching the Bills.

  6. I don’t understand. Is every account a bot or what?

  7. Pretty much yeah. Look for the similar usernames. There’s also some bots that have a verified flair so you know 100% they’re a bot.

  8. ”The classic metalcore band was formed in 1995 by Chris Rista.”

  9. Christian Watson has a strong case so far. Top 10 WR the last 3 weeks.

  10. I put in a claim for Watson during the Dallas game. Needed a strong WR to pair with Diggs. I have not regretted it.

  11. I want to see a GCN remake. Same big map with more buildings (or a city area accessible via train), all the classic villagers with returning favorites, terraforming, New Leaf’s island games, furniture set varieties, etc. Go all out.

  12. To all the people saying they don’t feel bad because he’s making money: yeah, I get it. He’s making a lot to sit on a bench. But at the end of the day he’s still gotta feel like garbage after being benched for a backup again. I like Wentz as a person.

  13. Love Brook Reeves and Impending Doom. Great music and great lyrics.

  14. ”It’s good to see Rivera smiling and having fun. He’s dealt with a lot since coming to Washington in 2020.”

  15. The black ones from yesterday looked nice

  16. The sentiment I’ve seen on Reddit amongst Washington fans is that the black uniforms suck ass. I happen to like whenever a team has black alternates, or any darker colors really. Looks sleek.

  17. I like them too, maybe if they changed all the yellow font coloring to burgundy with gold trim it wouldn’t have as much hate? Lol

  18. I think that would make a lot of people hate the uniforms less, yeah.

  19. I’m pretty sure that’s the point. It’s ironic this dumb catch phrase has been adopted by fans and the team itself. LEFT HAND UP!

  20. I mean, that's clearly his right hand, but yes.. LEFT HAND UP!

  21. Another note, I saw Heinicke also posted “left hand up” on IG. Let’s fucking go.

  22. I had to read this headline THRICE to make sure you weren’t telling us John Bates was dead.

  23. I suppose I could have worded it better. John Bates is very much alive, especially after Sunday!

  24. As long as we all make the playoffs I’ll play nice. If that happens, once playoffs start you’re all fucking dead to me.

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