1. Pra que serve isso? Eu nunca entendi

  2. I used the Ford Raptor tuned 323, but it doesn't win anymore because of the new update.

  3. Have a look at the requirements of the round, you probably don't have the right cars.

  4. I do have all the cars, it says I need the pass but I already purchased it.

  5. How is that possible? Never happend to me After playing for nearly 2 years

  6. Congrats on the lucky bucket. But also try not to gain XP if it’s not necessary.

  7. Nezu - Hanafusa (he probably won't stab Kaneda to death) - Sawada - Lihito (Ashura Lihito had really predictable movements) - Nikaido

  8. You have to get those characters to reach those rounds though

  9. Which is basically impossible because of Raian, Kuroki, Waka, Agito, Cosmo and Ohma

  10. No, that version of Ohma didn't have all his memories, therefore he didn't know how to use Demonsbane, which probably is his only technique capable of knocking out Julius.

  11. O problema é que tem gente que realmente acredita que o Lula não roubou, então não considera ele como bandido

  12. Gaoh Style is not suitable for Kengan matches, it was stated in the beginning of Omega multiple times, even Himuro, Akoya and that long-haired fighter could predict Ryuki's attacks. Ryuki can't rely on his fighting style, that's why he's using the Koei Style most of the time.

  13. Rihito apparently has fingers made of vibranium, dude took multiple HOBs to the hand for it to only partially break, meanwhile Kurokis hand broke from Kiryu bending it backwards 😑

  14. Lihito's left hand has to be broken, he literally took a HoB directly to the "soft" part of his hand. Even Saw recognized that Lihito couldn't use his hand anymore. Otherwise, Lihito having adamantium bones is canon.

  15. Its supposed to be christams gifts so they shouldn't be difficult, they have already lost like 30-40% of active whales with the last 2 updates, they can't hutch it up again or the game will lose most players

  16. I didn't knew that, kinda gave up on yellowbird till now.

  17. Akoya is into my top 5 fav characters of entire Kengan.

  18. I really like his character. He might not be the best fighter, but in Ashura and early Omega he still was a menace.

  19. He fought an extreme diff fight against another Supernova offscreen in the preliminaries.

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