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  1. That's exactly the answer I was looking for, thanks!

  2. Honestly I love “beat up” high quality boots. High quality leather that can develop patina without falling to pieces like looks better after 5 years imo.

  3. Craziest thing about this is that what he did was extremely difficult, expensive & time consuming. That stance is perfect, the tire is tucking but the top rim edge lines up with bodywork. This is the goal of stance people, he “won”. This setup cost 10k a least to achieve plus hundreds of hours of fine tuning to make the car a nearly unusable, death trap that will be parted out when it inevitably looses its oil pan at speed.

  4. you really think people just leave their oil pan to get fucked up? obviously has a skid plate or raised

  5. The 2 options are: dry sump conversion (serious cash) or a piece of aluminum shielding. When he hits a frost heave at 70 what do you think will win: 1: A 3000 pound car 2. The earth 3. 2 sheets of metal

  6. Yes, back when I sold cars we would have normal people amazed at how silent, powerful & luxurious a 2005 base Corolla was because they had been driving a rusty 87’ with 500k for the last ten years. 🤣

  7. Asking the real questions! My theory is that it is just a pallet of beer but with a box “hat” on top.

  8. High end euro cars are usually LHD in Japan, I guess because it’s more exotic? You can pay highway tolls on both sides, so it’s not that annoying.

  9. Can you all please try and name all the other vehicles that are set up like this, I'm building a list of what cars I definitely DON'T WANT TO BUY! 😆

  10. All the “BMW” type systems are like this (e30 xi maybe is the 1st 🤷‍♂️), your other mechanical AWD options all have downsides too: “Audi” (understeer, tight front packaging) “VW” (front bias, rear trunk space) & “Ferrari” (Cost, massive front overhang, limited power). You can make the case that Porsches system is unique as well but it’s pretty much Audis in reverse with a different transmission style.

  11. The difference between the two is that chargers have a diffusion panel between the led & the outer lens. You can definitely mod that in, I have never seen aftermarket ones like that.

  12. They only make extremely high quality and very warm gear for low temperature climates, I own one and live in a -30 climate and it’s the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned but….ya totally shitty brand.

  13. You are 100% right in Canada they actually issued to all northern flight crews as survival gear. I wore mine in -45C ice fishing & it’s uncomfortable to wear unzipped above freezing. I don’t think these guys have seen a gen Chilliwack irl before.

  14. been staring at this for three minutes trying to find the shitty car mod and wondering if i just have bad taste?

  15. The big thing that gets the hard core guys in a twizzy is that you can run a 305 tire with it inside the rear wheel but his stick out 2 inches because the offset is not perfect. This kinda thing drives some people insane 🤷‍♂️

  16. Maintenance is not as bad as all these commenters say, I own 4 old ass high performance German cars. It’s definitely spendy & you will need a good Indy shop as the dealers can be brutal. Some porsche V8s from this era have bad cylinder lining issues so research the exact model & year. Tires will be 2k CAD a set, I see can the brakes are steel so 2,500 or so… the exact same as anything with big ass brembos (like a jeep 🤣). It’s a great practical car with fantastic quality for a good price. 🤷‍♂️

  17. The best part about that light is that it only exists because they wanted the number of cells in the car to be one higher; so it has 7,777 because that’s way cooler than 7,776.

  18. Does that mean that youtube finally will not have terrible quality due to compression anymore? Native resolution is currently unwatchable on fullscreen. I have to view the videos in windowed or in 4k.

  19. Yes theoretically, but I bet they just drop the bitrate since they could make lot more money if they used less bandwidth.

  20. Have the basically the same house as you. The setup that finally worked perfect was: 6 pucks total (5 google, one nest as primary for the better Chip performance under heavy load). All hardwired with cat5e, 2 per floor at either end of the house. Hope that helps, I get 940 wired & great wifi even when loaded up by a ton of kids on my gig internet.

  21. The writing is what’s messing me up I think…I only have the main one wired :/

  22. Just hardwiring improved my setup massively, it wasn’t fun but totally worth it

  23. Somewhere there are hundreds of reference photos of hemsworth’s ass that a half dozen artists had multiple meetings about & spent months building a digital version. I bet that fake ass cost more than kim kardashians. 🤣

  24. Always stretch before a sexual assault, don’t wanna pull something. Good thinking

  25. Yet you’re on here lmao , you’re a fool if you think any dunks have “GoOd QuAlItY”

  26. SB Pros & CO.JP SBs are actually good quality most of the time.

  27. Imagine making “fake” Champion, the everyday brand you can get at Costco.

  28. You can buy a fake Burger King uniform, shit is wild.

  29. It’s not a bad idea to let somebody know. I had a brake position sensor go out & didn’t realize until I googled it the code that my brake lights were not working. Luckily it was only one commute so I was able to use the e-brake release button to manually light them up to get it to the shop safely.

  30. It’s either no lights or high beams 24/7, there is no in between.

  31. That’s usually not high beams, it’s mostly HID bulbs in non-hid enclosures & incorrectly aimed headlights (not re-aligning your lights after lifting a truck is the #1 offender). It’s really unsafe but as long as your lights work, 0 enforcement.

  32. A modern 86 or Z car would work. Get a daily beater, drifting ain’t that fun when you are stressing about needing to drive the car to work on Monday. No NA car with added boost is that reliable but an JZ with a NA-T conversion is pretty close. Try & buy one that’s done already, 10k minimum is a pretty realistic number to boost a car once you add all the tuning & supporting mods to sort it. All these YouTube guys leave out the part of junkyard turbo builds where they use a 2000$ ecu & spend days on a rented dyno with a professional tuner.

  33. I have seen them on cars with a hydraulic axel lift systems on static springs, that would explain the lack of damage.

  34. Close! It’s usually Chrysler or Fiat so it’s always a Stellantis win . Now that Dodge only makes a platform from 2005 they are really improving 🤣

  35. I know an s2k engine can make power like that. Why such an overbuilt setup without taking it to a terrifying level of power for partying?

  36. Because you can I guess, I bought a inline pro car with stock everything except the motor that made 703whp on low boost. Literally an undrive-able death trap, it used to be way more of a thing when they were more popular as drag cars. It’s definitely dumb.

  37. Have you seen desirable late variant R34 prices lately? They probably left out the part where the leaf is for parking at his new beach front condo in surfers paradise where is now retiring

  38. Tbh just buy a rolling body they're usually cheaper after you've dropped the engine in and everything you can find a decent rolling body spec s for 15k nzd and a sr20det and loom for around 5k nzd plus some extra costs it come to around 25k nzd for pretty much a spec r which sells for a average of 50k nzd

  39. Start hoarding those SR20’s! The prices have been creeping hard in Canada, “cheap” JDM SR / JZ / RB engines are drying up fast.

  40. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Canada have. 15 year classic rule? And aren't we able to import from them?

  41. Yes & Yes. I have driven a pristine Spec R & it is a very fun driving experience… quite close to a boosted FRS / BRZ. Unfortunately with that car selling at over 60k CAD & rising it is a very poor value 😭

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