1. yeah only complaint is the dark swabbing and the weird like burnt taste all the dabs and pods have after. I am a low temp dabber too.

  2. I prefer the klutch vapes to the BE ones to be honest. Having said that I do like the BE ones really well.

  3. Son of beast is my favorite coaster of all time. I know it wasn’t good for a lot of people, but i never had a bad ride on it and it was wild lol. Volcano was amazing too.

  4. It’s so pleasing to see one without chrome wheels. I really like it.

  5. I have the uni pro 2 and I have bought enough batteries to say that the uni is pretty great. It’s durable, charges last forever, and about any 510 will work with it. Having said that it’s bulky and it annoys me. I just recently bought a wolf lux stick battery from yocan and it has become my daily driver. Cons to it vs the uni would be battery life and it isn’t as safe for your pocket. It does have variable temp on it though.

  6. “I let you go off” “I let you do what you want” run kid. Run like hell.

  7. That dude won’t have knees or a spine when he’s 40.

  8. I saw one of these in Florida recently. I was going to pick it up, but it was so small I was afraid I’d hurt it. Well my wife was also yelling at me to not touch it 😂

  9. We carried a small backpack that fit in all free lockers and just made sure not to smash the Wands when we were storing the bag.

  10. I’d vote against posts that ask for other posts to not be allowed 🤷‍♀️

  11. I would love to be able to get my hands on that Tropicana cherry 😭

  12. Was it worth the 12 bucks? We were thinking about going over to ride it one evening when we leave universal

  13. I did both Fun Spots in one night and I greatly preferred White Lightning (I'm a sucker for GCIs though.)

  14. After seeing many comments about how rough mine blower is we were thinking about going and hitting white lightning lol

  15. I’ve gone to kings island my whole life and it’s been amazing my whole life. It isn’t my favorite park I’ve ever been to, but it is one of the best. They have a solid ride line up, an amazing and clean park, super fast ops, pretty decent food and usually never insanely busy. (Except holidays and weekends during the summer)

  16. I actually cringed reading this. I may or may not be in the minority of this, but i don’t really care about the historical significance of coasters. I certainly won’t re-ride any that hurt though lol.

  17. I have a problem with this with what I got from them. Never really even had issues with carts leaking either. The product was good, but probably won’t buy any again until I’ve heard they got better hardware.

  18. Forbidden journey and it isn’t even close. The first time I rode it I came off of forbidden I was like wtf just happened lol. Now if we are saying Rise vs Forbidden journey I’m sure there would be a lot of debate.

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