1. Greaves are great atm and this immortal player buys them so yes

  2. Maybe adding Sulyvhan and Iudex Gundyr could make this a bit more fair.

  3. phase 2 - 21368hp reduced by 7936hp to 13432hp because he acts as healthbar for phase 1

  4. With Pontiff Sulyvahn out of his way Lord Gwyn and his knight's press forward cutting down what remains of the Pontiff's forces to reach their long abandoned home.

  5. The soul of Lord Gwyn had been imprisoned by the fire for many years,

  6. Great job attacking that railing about 25 seconds in, really showed it who's boss lol

  7. its a video i made called Lord of Anor Londo - Ep 1 Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

  8. Would've probably looked nicer on flat ground/midirs arena

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