1. While that's a viable method, if you actually knew what you were talking about you'd realize how silly that statement is. You're saying breaking vacuum and stopping the flow are better than never having to break vacuum, not spiking vacuum when reconnecting, not stopping your flow and really allowing you to never expose the product to oxygen while it's still at distillation temperatures.

  2. a minor vacuum break in the way the T valve operates (one in this post) is not as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be — with that said I agree with you that not breaking vacuum is “the goal” for a system, I’d pick the outlet discharge pump like the one beaker and wrench makes over a cow everyday for all time when distilling everything but pure terpenes.

  3. Any problems holding a deep vacuum? Mine (different unit) is always giving me hell under 500 milliTorr.

  4. I’m a wiped film whisperer. I’ve troubleshot dozens and dozens of clients vacuum systems. if you can’t hit at or sub 20 micron completely dry, and sub 100 micron feeding full speed you have issues to troubleshoot: -you’ve got vacuum leaks, -you’re not decarb crude enough prior, -you’re cold traps are not cold enough, -your not changing your pump oil / using low grade pump oil

  5. Chemist? For rosin? Lol I went to school for mechanical engineering and i feel it lends itself tonpressing

  6. 🍻 🤫 Great material, patience and a very very cold room 😬

  7. Looks horrible and unsafe for human consumption! I need to quarantine it immediately and take it to my house for….. disposal 🥸

  8. “Sorry boss they said they were the Hash inspector and came and took it all” 😂

  9. Mahalos 🤙🏼🤙🏼 keep seeing Bo’s, gotta get some 😊😊

  10. Echo is great too I forgot about them, can second that option as well 👍

  11. It does not show up on the plant “naturally”, a better way to think about it is delta-8 is a natural isomer of Cbd or Delta9. It’s a conversion.

  12. Thanks! I found on Amazon by searching glass mushroom. It’s a bit of a theme across all my tanks they come in multiple colors.

  13. That’s good, definitely still get him at least a 5 gallon as soon as you can. I’d also recommend getting a lid, even the long finned bettas can jump surprisingly high sometimes. In a tank this small, bettas are more likely to try and jump and find a bigger space to live in. Even with cleaning out the food you will still most likely run into ammonia issues at some point. Also, I hope by distilling your water, that you don’t mean using just distilled water without remineralizing it.

  14. Dang I wish mine looked like that. Bought some online and they are all having such a difficult / slow time growing compared to my red root and salvinia

  15. I’ve got so many pest bladder snails and pond snails and they have done nothing for the algae situation:(. I’ve ordered some nerites though.

  16. Mystery snails are good too and absolutely awesome to watch. I’ve got several. They cover lots of ground in a day.

  17. Ooof. Yea this a problem in any state. Always ask to see the label before you buy.

  18. I’m confused? There isn’t an issue? The cure was just that long.

  19. No one cures that long, it sat on a shelf in who knows what conditions.

  20. The reason it’s .8* is because the ohio program and how days are counted.

  21. Interesting, seems weird it would be so difficult to get scientific evidence to find out for sure and stop the bickering.

  22. It depends what your remediating. If it’s mold and nasty smells that’s gonna come through in the terpene isolations.

  23. Think they are better than 510 carts? I already have so many batteries lol but they clog and get harsh quickly

  24. I had over a dozen 510 batteries and was reluctant to switch. All the 510’s are in a box I never even consider using again.

  25. Thanks for the input. Been specifically interested in the pow ones but I LOVE FS concentrates. The only time I've had a cat from them however it was trash, just tasted like grass and it was the only cart I've ever had that the glass broke.

  26. I had horrible experience with FS rosin vapes & dablicators. Feel like I threw money down the drain.

  27. This is real live resin. The stuff in the pens is stepped on and post processed.

  28. Any MSO, they all lobby against home grow as much as possible in any state they can. Curaleaf/Select, Verano, Cresco, Pharmacann, etc.

  29. I’m just glad they are on the luster train now. Just a better vaping experience regardless of what strains people prefer.

  30. Death touch. I know all the rangers would probably agree.

  31. I think Death touch was a cool mechanic. Just the way EQ did it was exploited by players to sacrifice me every raid 😂 it could’ve been done way better.

  32. I like full spectrum oil in regular syringes they flow right out. Taste damn good. Check out the pure ohio ones. Sometimes simpler is better 😂 I got that Dablicator once and kinda felt the same way, I like my rosin in a little jar tbh.

  33. Yessir it does not come with a nail though for concentrates for everyone’s information

  34. I was given one as a gift and I’ve never used it. Would be more inclined if it had a concentrate banger.

  35. Oh absolutely I agree with you man! I’ve read articles saying ours is the worst in the country.

  36. Can confirm: much much worse. Ohio is somewhere in the middle when it comes to pricing and quality of products available for a state program. For medical it’s good. I routinely get things I’m very happy with and I’ve shopped in almost every state you can.

  37. Low power. Very small hits. Terp% on labels isn’t 100% accurate- ohio only tests for 14 of of most common 82.

  38. I usually go for live rosin carts, would Disilate be any smoother? What about “botanical terps?

  39. Botanical terps are in my experience more irritating than the natural cannabis ones, I stay away from distillate because it’s so hard to trust what’s in there.

  40. I can second that advice. Not a single luster has clogged for me, I switched over in November and that’s exactly how I use it.

  41. I’m going to agree with you someone else said it could cause condensation and that’s obviously not good. Glad I asked on here as well.

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