What could be done to prevent mass shootings?

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  1. This may be unpopular but we fix this the way we fix most things wrong with our society. We put as a society, more emphasis on keeping families intact. Most of these shooters come from single parent households. Im not saying it would eliminate the problem entirely. But having a father at the home to put the young man in his place and keep him complaint will go a long way.

  2. I went through 2 aios. Both were clicking and ticking . Drove me insane but it was the fans. Did you try to completely unplug them?

  3. Sorry meant to say "unplug the fans to check if the ticking noise still persists".

  4. Men who are obsessed with virginity and low "body counts" are screaming at the top of their lungs that they are shit in bed and any woman experienced enough to know what they like will find sex with them to be extremely disappointing.

  5. I for sure have a problem. As alliance on my server I literally cannot find an active guild at all. Of any size. It's like they don't exist. The chat is completely dead.

  6. For fucks sake what is so important you sit on your phone like that in the morning?

  7. I have the same issue. It throttles occasionally too. Same setup. I thought the processor just ran hot and was designed to hit that 100c Mark and throttle down when that happened.

  8. On my motherboard there are two options for XMP: XMP1 and XMP2. Do you have similar options on yours? Did you try to apply the XMP profile or did you change the clock, voltage and timings manually?

  9. Technically he calls for you to do it. Since those are his pronouns you have no choice but use them when referring to musk or you're a bigot.

  10. I worked hard to get a decent card during the GPU troubles...and I managed to get a EVGA FTW3 3070Ti.

  11. I have an oled 120hz tv. I need the 4090 to max out that game. Even at 1440p 😢

  12. This happened to me after I picked up out of the dark by David Weber. Expected a near 4 star military sci Fi invasion story.

  13. It may be taboo to say here but I really enjoyed standard in new phyrexias time.

  14. I dunno man. I met a lot of women who won't admit it but they treat love like a competition or game.

  15. The Vat of Acid silent montage was the only one that got me there

  16. I love this. I feel the same way about the custodes in the 40k commander deck. Superhumans who can single handedly handle big Tyranids that look like Godzilla... 3/4.

  17. The wage gap. It's been explained how that study was done so many times but so many people believe women make less than men because they are women. Completely untrue.

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