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  1. In Cast Away movie, 2000. In the end Tom Hanks looks at a lighter and turns it on, seeing how simple it was to make fighter.

  2. I mean, truth be told I personally believe that it was added as an after thought and with not much care; the Temple of Trials was, after all, added because Interplay demanded a tutorial section. (I know this is a non lore/canon answer but hopefully it explain more about how this doesn't make much sense).

  3. When this game came out, we could only afford/only had a Wii at the time, and man did I play this version of Kino A LOT more than the PS3 version lol. I always had a pipe dream of them releasing DLC for the Wii for the new maps (LOL), but I kept on dreaming. I was so jealous of the new maps, and NO Five map :(

  4. Uh is the bottom one really a photograph? Also looks (digitally) watercolored

  5. Is there any benefit to using a 3D card system instead of a 2D sprite card system?

  6. Well I guess so, but couldn't you in theory do the same exact thing with 2D sprites?

  7. https://enr.electionsfl.org/BRE/3299/Summary/#45907

  8. I use inheritance but not in a OOP approach really…. Since this is JS I can do whatever I want really lol.

  9. There will not be one solid answer -- for in Node you can whatever you desire, and honestly that's the beauty of Node.

  10. Infograph is good to watch when you are trying to fall asleep -- it's just a good background show that's about it. Yeah they do clickbait stuff but w.e, it's decent if you're looking for something to waste your time on.

  11. maybe there was no money left for the CGI,…

  12. This is an older post, but can I ask how your tree did during the summer? I’m also in Central Florida around Ocala and I’m trying to figure out if Apples will thrive and not just “survive” the heat.

  13. It's doing pretty good actually! I just had a tent caterpillar infestation so I lost some leaves, but was taken cared of with Bt. spray

  14. Sauron fake out was good, actual Sauron real was good too. Forging of the ring was so rushed…wish there was more build up to it instead of spending what felt like 20 mins on Hobbits saying goodbye. I didn’t feel any emotion during that cuz I didn’t relate to them at all!! So I skipped it, and kept skipping it and kept skipping that scene.

  15. Your voting record is public, they simply look at your party and see if you tend to swing vote or not, that's how they target you. Just block or send stop to the texts.

  16. I was reading all the replies stating how their production apps broke and was like how the hell do these guys not test anything before going to prod after upgrading libs

  17. Also the amount of entitlement too I found weird...

  18. I disagree with Dream Quest, it's just my opinion, but it looks bad and I had 0 fun with it.

  19. It’s a game not for the feint of hearted. It’s ugly and confusing but it’s has really amazing depth if you invest your time in it. It is a learning curve and a getting use to no doubt.

  20. Seems to be back on, weird. Was probably down for like 30 mins :o

  21. I was about to ask this, I am unable to view my realm. I was lucky enough for it to load but upon entering I got kicked out after waiting a minute or so and an error. Doing the whole restarting and rebooting doesn't seem to help, so I think this is on Microsoft/Mojangs end...

  22. How is my drainage ditch already full? It must be clogged up or something, it's not going anywhere at all.

  23. Another good options are parks, like Turkey Creek and such.

  24. Darn, oh well. The message seemed unclear whether it was simply Matt retiring or closing up the restaurant

  25. Well done!! Livescope is a game changer.

  26. How could you even tell there was a fish on the livescope?

  27. Look at the hump on the bottom just to the left of where he drops his jig... that's the big zander parallel to the boat, hugging the bottom. If you know its a smooth sand or gravel surface the fish will stick out like that. Or if you're good you can pick out the shapes of fish regardless. The electronics show movement really well so you could even see fins on this thing.

  28. Tell real question is what was Starscreams speech when he got coordinated. I wanted to know what it was after “my fellow deceptions, as your new leader I…”

  29. I think this is a sarcastic post as others have mentioned, but as someone who has been working on an unreleased free Bible app for Android (because the available ones are frustrating) this article annoyed me, especially since people are talking about it. If someone wants a serious TL;DR on Bible translations and software take it from me, someone who has taken a deep dive.

  30. Thank you, you should’ve written the blog post and explained all this. Interesting and good stuff.

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